Rio de Janeiro Nightlife

Rio de Janeiro nightlife is some of the best nightlife on the planet. In this dynamic city, you will find lively clubs to suit a range of preferences, a collection of excellent live music venues, and plenty of botequins to warm up to. Botequins, for those who might not know, are essentially Rio's answer to London's pubs. Locals love to gather at these ubiquitous bars, which are usually nothing more than small watering holes. Over time, some of the botequins have become larger, offering food and live music in addition to cold beers.

Also not to be missed if you have the chance when it comes to the best nightlife in Rio de Janeiro are the city's samba halls, especially if you find yourself in Rio between September and the world-famous Rio Carnival. This is when many samba halls around town engage in Saturday night rehearsal sessions that are open to the public. Suffice it to say that you might want to learn to samba dance before you get to Rio, as it will serve you well. As far as catching a live samba music performance, that is an option as well. The Lapa area in Rio's Centro (City Center) is home to some of the best places to catch samba performances. Lapa is without question one of the best areas for Rio de Janeiro nightlife, much as it was back in the 1920s.

Over near the port where cruise ships dock, the Gamboa zone is also becoming a good downtown area destination for those who are seeking out the best nightlife in Rio de Janeiro. A few live music venues have helped to put Gamboa on the Rio nightlife map. The Centro isn't the only area to go when you want to enjoy some Rio de Janeiro nightlife, however. There's also the city's famous beach neighborhoods along the Atlantic Ocean coast.

For quite some time now, Copacabana has been one of the prime places to go when seeking out the best nightlife in Rio de Janeiro. This has a lot to do with the Copacabana Palace. A landmark luxury hotel that was built in 1923, the Copacabana Palace has been attracting tourists to this part of Rio for decades on end. You can only imagine the parties that were thrown there in the past. These days, there's much more to Copacabana's nightlife scene than the Copacabana Palace. At the neighborhood's northern extreme, you will find a red light district of sorts. If you're not up for the relatively seedy nature of this district, then you might explore the scene along the beach. Some of the best night clubs in Rio de Janeiro can be found along Copacabana's beach, and you'll also find plenty of bars.

Next to Copacabana is the less crowded and more trendy Ipanema, where even more clubs and bars can be found. Some of the more upscale night clubs in Rio de Janeiro call Ipanema home, and it's not uncommon for these clubs to have relatively expensive drink minimums. Heading further west along Rio's southern coast, the even more upscale neighborhood of Leblon offers some more bars that might be of interest. It also offers some of the city's best gourmet restaurants should you fancy a fine dining experience before you go out on the town. Should you head further west still, the hot and happening neighborhood of Barra da Tijuca draws in nightlife enthusiasts who are looking to enjoy some of the most fashionable, not to mention crowded, night clubs in Rio de Janeiro.

When it comes to the best nightlife in Rio de Janeiro, it all depends on what you're in the mood for. Enjoying dinner and a movie is always an option, and you might enjoy checking out the food and drink kiosks that are set up around the large Lagoa (Lake) Rodrigo de Freitas when some casual nightlife is the aim. If you're up for a more active night, you might try to take a nap at some point in the afternoon. Many of the bars and night clubs in Rio de Janeiro stay open long until the wee hours of the morning, so you'll need your energy if you're planning an all-nighter.

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