Niteroi Brazil

Niteroi Brazil is the second largest municipality that can be found along the banks of the Guanabara Bay. Across the bay from this up-and-coming city is the famed city of Rio de Janeiro, so there's no shortage of things to do in the immediate area. Linking Niteroi to Rio is the long Niteroi Bridge, and if you're not up for driving or taking a car over, you can always arrange a boat trip. As for the top things to do in Niteroi, the city boasts some fine beaches, and you can enjoy views of Rio back across the bay while you sunbathe or swim.

Niteroi Brazil was founded way back in the 1570s, though it exhibits a relatively modern feel. Modern buildings mix with shopping malls, so shopping enthusiasts won't want for things to do in Niteroi. The city's main landmarks include the Contemporary Art Museum and the Fortaleza Santa Cruz. The former offers changing exhibits that highlight the best contemporary art in Brazil. It is also known for its spaceship-like building, which was designed by the renowned Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. The building almost looks like a UFO waiting to take off from a cliffside perch. As for the Fortaleza Santa Cruz, it helped protect the mouth of Guanabara Bay during the colonial era and while the Brazilian Empire was in power. It can be found on a rocky promontory in the Jurujuba neighborhood, and should you be interested, 45-minute tours of this old fort can be arranged.

The Niteroi beaches are among the best Guanabara Bay beaches, and they include Icari Beach. Icari Beach is an urbanized beach, which means that its close to all the action and attractions in town. While relaxing on this fine strip of soft, white sand, you can admire the Santa Cruz Fortress, not to mention Sugarloaf Mountain and Corcovado Mountain.

Should spending time on the beach be one of your main priorities when it comes to things to do in Niteroi, you will be happy to know that there is a beach to fit most preferences. Itacoatiara Beach is where the best surfing can be had, for example, while Camboinhas Beach is ideal for fishing. Found near the Museum of Contemporary Art, Boa Viagem Beach might just be the best beach in town for families, while the urban beach of Sao Francisco is fit for nightlife enthusiasts, as its restaurants, bars, and clubs really heat up when the sun goes down. It is worth noting that remnants of a church and a fort that both date back to the 1600s are found near Boa Viagem Beach.

The Niteroi hotels offer some attractive lodging options, so you might keep them in mind when looking to visit the Rio de Janeiro area. If you're staying at one of the Rio hotels instead, you can always use the Niteroi Bridge to cross over the bay and check out the city's attractions. This bridge is among the longest in the world. The part of the bridge that spans the water is almost six miles long, while the entire length is closer to eight and quarter miles long. It is worth noting that anyone who chooses to drive across the Niteroi Bridge will have to pay a toll on the Niteroi side. If you are looking instead to take a boat from Rio to Niteroi Brazil, you can catch a ferry at Praca XV Novembro. The ferry rides across the bay take approximately twenty minutes.

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