Praia Flamengo

Praia Flamengo can make for a wonderful place to spend some time while visiting the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. Found in the Flamengo neighborhood, this beach in the South Zone region is especially ideal for casual strolls or more intense jogging sessions. You might also see beachgoers engaging in some sand volleyball and sand soccer on Praia Flamengo, and since it is part of Eduardo Gomes Park, other recreational opportunities await.

Praia Flamengo, or Praia do Flamengo, as it is more officially known, sits on the oft-calm waters of Guanabara Bay. The most popular of the beaches in Rio de Janeiro for quite some time, it was eventually eclipsed in that department in the 1920's. The beach that was responsible for that was Copacabana Beach. The fact that Praia Flamengo is no longer the most popular beach in Rio doesn’t mean that it should be overlooked, however. If nothing else, the views that it affords of Sugarloaf Mountain are worth the visit.

It should be noted that Praia Flamengo doesn’t make for the best swimming beach in Brazil. Much like nearby Botafogo Beach, its waters are too polluted for swimming. As mentioned, however, it can make for a fine place for a stroll or a run. Also worth highlighting is the fact that Praia Flamengo is home to the popular Porcao Rio’s churrascaria, so if nothing else, visitors can drop by to get something good to eat.

Image: Alberto Perdomo (flickr)
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