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Rio Carnival Photos
Rio Carnival Photos

Rio Carnival photos capture the magic and energy of one of the world's greatest celebrations. It isn't difficult for to get great snapshots of the famous event, as Carnival festivities occur for several days, even weeks leading up to the grand parades at the Sambadome. In addition to the parades at the Sambadome, Rio Carnival parades occur throughout the city, from Copacabana Beach to other neighborhood streets. It's the Carnival Brazil floats and the samba dancers with their glittering, and often very revealing costumes that are the most photogenic.

Best Place to Take Photos

The world famous Sambadome is the best place to take Rio de Janeiro Carnival photos. This special downtown venue with its own built-in parade avenue is where the most spectacular Carnival parades are held. The parade participants include the city’s most elite samba schools, which are referred to collectively as the Special Group. The goal is to outdo the other schools, and this leads to extremely passionate, colorful and energetic displays. Complementing the main festivities at the Sambadome are practice parades and technical rehearsals that take place onsite leading up to the main event. Outside of the Sambadome, neighborhood parties and processions take place throughout the Carnival season, and these celebrations are also ideal for taking Rio Carnival photos. Another idea is to visit individual samba schools, where you can snap practice and rehearsal photos in a different setting.

Rio Carnival Schedule 2016

For Brazil visitors who are interested in taking Rio Carnival photos, it is key to have an idea about the Carnival schedule. The practice sessions for the various samba schools actually start around mid-September or early October, so they are especially ideal for those who can’t get to Rio during the Carnival season itself. Some of the more technical rehearsals are held at the Sambadome, particularly in the weeks just before the main parade weekend. These rehearsals provide splendid opportunities to not only take pictures of practice runs and activities, but to also mingle with supporters of the samba schools. As a bonus, the rehearsals cost much less than the official parades or can even be free to attend.

The top attractions for the Rio de Janeiro Carnival are the main Samba parades, which culminate in the all-night bash that is known as the Samba School Parade, or just the Samba Parade. For Carnival 2016, the Preliminary Parades at the Sambadome are held on February 5th and 6th (Friday and Saturday). These parades feature the samba schools that made it into the Second League. They begin at 7 PM on both days and last well into the night. On Sunday, February 7th, the main parade for the samba schools that made the First League kicks off at 6:30 PM and doesn’t stop until Monday morning. The opportunities to take amazing Rio Carnival photos don't end with these events, however. Not to be overlooked is the Champions' Parade, which gives the six best samba schools from the Samba Parade a chance to strut their stuff one more time. The Sambadome is once again the venue of choice for this more relaxed, yet still vibrant and exciting affair, which begins at 9 PM on Saturday, February 13 and lasts well into the night.

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