Rio de Janeiro Beaches

One of the things to do is hit the beach in Rio de Janeiro Brazil at least once during any trip that includes the city. There are many Rio de Janeiro beaches to enjoy while spending time in the city during Brazil tours. They are among the best urban beaches in the world, and a couple Rio beaches like Ipanema Beach and Copacabana Beach appear on most everyone's list of best Brazil beaches.

You may wonder which beach in Rio is right for you, and you will find there are several to choose from. Arpoador Beach is one of the Rio beaches that serves as a natural divider between Copacabana and Ipanema Beach. It sits between two large rock promontories that help to give the small stretch of beach excellent surfing waves. Because surfers are the main visitors here, it is a beach in Rio de Janeiro Brazil that is quite clean and not very busy. Few Brazil beaches are conducive to nighttime surfing, but it is possible on Arpoador because of the floodlights.

Leblon Beach in Rio is actually an extension of Ipanema, and is a good choice for Rio de Janeiro vacations for families with children. "Baixo" is a local term that usually refers to neighborhoods with plenty of bars. On Leblon, a good-sized section of the beach called "Baixo Bebe" (Baixo Baby) has been designated specifically for families. Here is a large, fully-equipped playpen big enough for many toddlers (complete with diaper-changing facility) and a very good playground for older children. Leblon is not just for families, but also for those on Rio tours who want some quieter beach time. Because of the number of families that come here, Leblon is also one of the Rio de Janeiro beaches that appeal to both young and older couples who don't want the distraction of other bathers showing off their tans and bikinis.

Next to Leblon Beach is Sao Conrado Beach, with the huge Bonita Hill rock formation marking one end. At this beach in Rio you can watch hang-gliders take off from 1,700 feet up and land at the other end of the beach. If you've run out of things to do you might want to try this yourself. Pedra de Gavea is another huge rock looking over Sao Conrado. Rio tours that cater to the active set might include hiking on this challenging peak. Visible from the beach, and a sharp contrast to the elegant Rio hotels and affluent lifestyle of the Rio beaches is Rocinha Favela, Rio's largest shantytown. Some Rio tours will include a guided tour of the favela, and we advise visiting only with a guide.

In the shadow of Corcovado Mountain and its famous Christ the Redeemer statue is Botafogo Beach. This is really more of a manmade bay, but it is also one of the Rio beaches that is quite popular with locals due to its proximity to the Rio de Janeiro downtown area. Many of the iconic panoramic photographs you might see of a beach in Rio with the backdrop of high-rise buildings and Corcovado towering above all are shots of Botafogo.

Barra da Tijuca Beach is another of the Rio de Janeiro beaches that benefits from manmade attractions. Affectionately called Barra by the locals, it is the longest beach in Rio de Janeiro Brazil by far. It's a bit more than eleven miles long, and its huge size means that you can find secluded spots even among the crowds. There are strong tides and currents here, so beginner swimmers should take notice.

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