Rio Vacation Packages

While the country of Brazil has so many attractions to offer visitors, the city Rio de Janeiro can actually be a destination in itself. And you will find vacation packages to Rio that will suit virtually any interest, taste, and budget. You'll even find Rio de Janeiro vacation packages that include other attractions elsewhere in the country, such as Amazon River cruises, jungle expeditions, the breathtaking beauty of Iguazu Falls and incredible abundance of wildlife found in the Pantanal.

More than anything, Rio de Janeiro is known for its appeal to adults. Copacabana Beach, full of beautiful bikini-clad women, happening nightlife until all hours of the night, and the anything-goes party atmosphere of Carnival are just a couple of the things that make Rio seem like an adult destination. But there are family-oriented Rio vacation packages and plenty for families with children to see and do in the city. Several of the city beaches are excellent for families. Ipanema Beach is quieter than its reputation would have you believe, and there is even a dedicated "baby zone" on the beach, with beach playpen, playground, and diaper changing facility. Zoos, amusement parks, myriad beach and water sports, children's choirs, and children's dance troupes abound in the city. You'll be sure to find family vacation packages to Rio being offered by travel companies that specialize in family oriented travel.

Rio is known for its music and dance, and you can find Rio de Janeiro vacation packages that concentrate on this aspect of Brazil's history and tradition. The capoeira tradition is strong in Brazil. This has its origins in a martial art from Africa that was brought to Brazil by slaves. Once banned, it began to incorporate the music of traditional African instruments, and today is a vibrant acrobatic dance form performed on stages and Rio de Janeiro beaches. There are many samba schools in the city, and music oriented Rio vacation packages are apt to include some samba lessons as well as a samba dinner dance.

These kinds of vacation packages to Rio often are offered right before or after, or even during Carnival in Brazil, so also look for Rio vacation packages scheduled around events and holidays.

Brazil, birthplace of the tanga (string bikini) and the sexy samba dance, is a country very tolerant of different lifestyles. Rio is famous as one of Brazil's most tolerant cities, and there are many firms that offer Rio de Janeiro vacation packages targeted at gay and lesbian travelers. There are gay-friendly beaches and gay-friendly hotels and resorts in the city. Ocean lines that offer Brazil cruises will offer theme Rio vacation packages not only during Carnival but also throughout the year.

Rio de Janeiro vacation packages can be of just about any length and occur at almost any time of year, because even the off season Rio de Janeiro weather is good. Even when it's very hot, most buildings are air-conditioned and you always have the cooling waters of the Atlantic ocean. If you're going only to Rio, a few days or week is about the minimum package you should consider in order to fully appreciate all the attractions in the city.

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