Sugarloaf Mountain Brazil

Sugarloaf Mountain Brazil is one of the most enduring Rio de Janeiro images. Forged by Mother Nature some 600 million years ago, this granite and quartz mountain rises high above Brazil's second largest city, adding a considerable highlight to an already spectacular landscape. Rare is the Rio de Janeiro visitor who doesn't have aspirations of venturing up to the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain Brazil, and there is good reason for this. The views are simply stunning from the top, and since cable cars are in place to get you there, you won't have to exert much energy if you wish to savor the immaculate sights from on high.

Several mountains provide scenic backdrops to the sprawling expanse that is the city of Rio de Janeiro, and Corcovado Mountain and Sugarloaf Mountain are among the two most famous. If you've ever looked at a picture of Rio de Janeiro, you've likely seen Sugarloaf rising into the sky. Corcovado Mountain is also easy to pick out due to the large Christ the Redeemer statue that caps it. As for Sugarloaf Mountain Brazil, the peak stands at a height of 1,299 feet above sea level, and since it sits on the banks of the sea, the marvel of it all is that much more dynamic. Pao de Acucar is the Brazilian name for the mountain, and if you're wondering about the name in general, it was inspired by the peak's resemblance to a loaf of refined and concentrated sugar. The name was applied by the Portuguese in the 1600s and reflects the fact that sugar cane was the prime export of the period.

The mouth of Guanabara Bay is more accurately where you will find Sugarloaf Mountain. It's easy to find the peak on the horizon from virtually any vantage point in the city, thanks to its lofty heights. You can spot it with ease when enjoying the views that the picture windows at the Museum of Modern Art and the Contemporary Art Museum provide, for example. While gazing at Sugarloaf Mountain from the ground is rewarding enough, it doesn't quite compare with hopping on the Rio Tram and seeing the sights from its summit. The whole city unfolds below, and as you might imagine, the photo opportunities are numerous.

Enjoying Sugarloaf Mountain tram tours is something that any and all Rio de Janeiro visitors will want to add to their list of things to do. You can hop on the Rio Tram in the Urca neighborhood to begin your tram tour, with the first stop being the Morro de Urca. This stopping point is situated at an elevation of 721 feet above sea level and features a restaurant, a café, a snack bar, souvenir shops, and a play area for kids. It's customary to have to spend some time at the Morro de Urca stop before you hop on the Rio Tram that takes you to the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain. You can savor the views or take advantage of the facilities while you wait.

Once you get to the summit on the Sugarloaf Mountain tram tours, the views are bound to leave you in awe. After you get over the immaculate shock of it all, you can start picking out the Rio attractions below. Among the things you'll see from the top are the famed strips of sand in Copacabana and Ipanema, the expansive Tijuca Forest, and Corcovado Mountain.

The Sugarloaf Mountain tram tours last about four hours on average. The cable cars leave the base station in Urca every half hour between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., so you can enjoy a nighttime visit if you please. It is worth noting that taking the Rio Tram isn't the only way to get to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain. You can also hike up the mountain on the rear side. The hike up is challenging, especially since some climbing is required, and since you most likely won't want to hike down once you get to the top, buying a Rio Tram ticket for the downward trip in advance is recommended. You won't be able to purchase a ticket for the tram ride down at the summit.

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