Rio Airport Taxis

Rio airport taxis are in good supply immediately after you pass through the customs area, though there are some things to keep in mind when trying to hire one. You can opt to take a normal yellow taxi at the airport or a radio taxi, with the recommended option being the radio taxis. These taxis, which are usually blue, white, or green, cost more, but they are safer and more reliable. Take a yellow taxi instead, and you might get the runaround. Some drivers are known to take unsuspecting travelers for extended rides to make more money, and if you really choose your driver poorly, you might end up stranded somewhere without your belongings.

Travelers shouldn't exactly fear the yellow taxis, especially if they speak decent Portuguese or are with some locals who are familiar with getting around by way of cabs. In general, however, the radio taxis are recommended, especially for travelers who are interested in Rio airport taxis. In addition to being the most reputable Rio de Janeiro taxis, the radio taxis are also the cleanest. Adding to the allure is the fact that their drivers tend to know more about the city than other taxi drivers. You can call radio taxis when you need one, or you can have your hotel call one for you if you prefer. It is possible to arrange an exact pickup time, and you'll also get an upfront price once the driver is aware of your destination.

Whether air travelers are in need of Rio airport taxis or not, they can expect to get aggressively nagged by various taxi services after passing through customs and walking past the radio taxi booths. If you aren't interested in these hagglers and you still need to hire a taxi, you can exit the terminal and find taxis lined up along the street. Most of these taxis will be radio taxis. Should you be looking for Rio de Janeiro taxis outside of the airport, they are plentiful throughout the downtown area and in beach neighborhoods such as Copacabana and Ipanema. It is possible to hail taxis anywhere in the street, and you can also walk up to one of the taxi stands that are found in good number throughout the city.

If you don't want to rent a car, take taxis, or rely on public transportation during your Rio de Janeiro vacation, you can entertain the option of hiring a car or a limo. Rio de Janeiro limos and car hires are most often used for airport transfers, but you don't have to stop there. Perhaps you'll need transportation to Maracana Stadium for an exciting soccer match, or maybe you want to arrive at a business meeting in style. Cruise passengers will also want to the Rio de Janeiro limos and hired cars in mind, as they can be ideal for transfers to and from the port, and if you're. Regardless of what you have in mind and where you need to go, a Rio limo or luxury sedan can get you there. The possibilities are numerous.

Between the Rio de Janeiro limos and the city's abundant taxis, getting around this large and vibrant city is a breeze. Add in the metro, the buses, and the boats, and it becomes even more evident that you won't need your own car. Of course, you can always rent a car if you please, though you should be prepared to deal with a good amount of traffic and aggressive driving if you do.

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