Teresopolis Rio de Janeiro

Teresopolis Rio de Janeiro is one of the most spectacular natural destinations in Brazil. Teresopolis Brazil is located in the state of Rio de Janeiro just 50 miles from the state capital, making it a convenient trip for travelers who want to escape the crowds and heat of Rio de Janeiro. At almost 3000 feet in elevation, Teresopolis has a pleasant mountain climate and is surrounded by the Serra dos Órgãos mountain range, or Range of Organs (organ pipes, that is—not internal organs).

Along with its neighboring city, Petropolis, Teresopolis Rio de Janeiro is primarily famous as an excellent base from which to explore Serra dos Órgãos National Park, which is partially located within the town's borders. Serra dos Órgãos is a gorgeous protected area of craggy rock formations, pristine lakes and streams, and a multitude of excellent hikes and trails. The town has several excellent hotels that offer quality accommodations at reasonable prices, along with delicious food and drink, and warm hospitality. Mountaineers are particularly attracted to Teresopolis Brazil, as there are many challenging trails and peaks to climb, as well as breathtaking views from the top of the mountains.

There is plenty to do in Teresopolis Rio de Janeiro even for the beginning hiker, however, so don't be intimidated by the outdoorsy types that are dispersed throughout your hotel. You can hire a driver and/or tour guide in Teresopolis to take you on a scenic drive through the National Park, stopping at some of the easier, well-marked trails. Your guide can point out local flora and fauna, and see if you can spot native monkeys in the trees of this gorgeous Atlantic forest. Hidden pools and waterfalls look like forgotten corners of paradise. If you'd like to bathe in some of these forest pools, you'll probably want to visit during the warmer months of November to February. A day trip amidst the trees, waterfalls and lakes of the Serra dos Órgãos is sure to number among your favorite memories in Brazil.

One major sight you won't want to miss is a view of the Dedo de Deus, or "Finger of God," an impressive rock formation that looks like a gigantic outstretched finger reaching up into the sky. There are numerous viewpoints where you can see Teresopolis' most famous attraction, including some right from the main highway.

For a less rugged adventure, you can stop at the Teresopolis orchid farm if you'd like to see examples of some of Brazil's rare and exotic orchids. There are also many excellent restaurants in the town, as well as an extensive craft fair where you can purchase local art, handicrafts and delicious local treats.

If you are a more experienced trekker or backpacker, there is plenty to challenge you in and around Teresopolis Brazil. A climb to the summit of the 1675 meter Dedo de Deus is no easy feat, and one that should only be attempted by highly experienced mountaineers. Several lower peaks can be more easily scaled, though not for the inexperienced. For adventurous backpackers, the 3-day hike between Petropolis and Teresopolis is known for its magnificent sunsets and mountain views. Hikers and trekkers usually prefer to visit during the cooler months of May to October, as the cooler weather makes trekking with several pounds of gear a bit more pleasant.

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