Things to Do in Rio de Janeiro

Known as a city of distinction and contrast, Rio de Janeiro is brimming with captivating colonial buildings and contemporary skyscrapers, beautiful stretches of Brazil beaches and abounding concrete jungles and a fascinating diversity of culture and ethnicity. Millions of people are crammed in between the mountains and the ocean with the evidence of carefree Brazilian life seen all over the streets and avenues from morning ‘til night. The many things to do in Rio offer a diversion that keeps visitors around for far longer then anticipated, feeding a desire to experience the best of the country.

Ipanema Beach

Whether it’s the beach that made the song famous, or the other way around, Ipanema Beach is at the top of all Rio de Janeiro attractions. The world renowned shores offer plenty of things to do in Rio and is number one for Brazil tours in the area. Ipanema features a taste of the diversity of Brazil along with hip boutiques, luxurious Brazil hotels and a host of great dining options.

Quinta da Boa Vista

A zoo, museum complex and historical site all wrapped up in one, Quinta da Boa Vista provides many interesting things to do in Rio de Janeiro. The landscaped grounds are striking and located where the imperial palace once was.

Tour of the Cagarras Islands

Diverse wildlife, uninhabited islands, punchy Brazilian beats and fantastic scenery are all part of a tour of the Cagarras Islands. Things to do in Rio de Janeiro on this trip include exploring an archipelago of islands off the south coast of the city on an exciting tour with an animated and fun Brazil tour guide.

Tijuca National Park

Tijuca National Park is one of the Rio de Janeiro attractions that encompasses serene natural beauty, numerous locations full of history, rare tropical trees, a small chapel and a striking waterfall. Hiking around the park is one of the best things to do in Rio for outdoor enthusiasts and reveals much of the true beauty of Brazil.

Christ the Redeemer

This revered statue of Jesus stands almost 40 meters high at the summit of Corcovado Mountain. The scenes of Rio from high above are some of the most breathtaking of all. Visiting the effigy is one of the most popular things to do in Rio de Janeiro. With its position high above the city, it’s one of the most highly recognized Rio de Janeiro attractions of all.

Sugar Loaf Mountain

Another of the famous Rio de Janeiro attractions, Sugar Loaf Mountain offers one of the best vantage points in the city aside from Corcovado. Visitors board a cable car that rises to the summit of the 400-foot mountain made of granite, showcasing the beauty of the city below.


Copacabana has drawn thousands of tourists over the years and is said to be the most famous beach in the world. Things to do in Rio at Copacabana range from lazy days by the beach to water sports to dining to simply people watching. Though overexposed in many ways, Copacabana still retains the charm and allure it has always had and remains one of best Rio de Janeiro attractions for those who love Brazil beaches.

Museu Internacional de Arte Naif

One of the largest and most impressive collections of primeval paintings is found at the Museu Internacional de Arte Naif. A visit is one of the favored things to do in Rio with art-lovers exhibiting works spanning from the early 15th century to modern times, all housed in a beautiful, colonial mansion.

Estadio Mario Filho

Renowned for being home to some of the best football players in the world, a visit to Brazil would not be complete without catching a game at the Estadio Mario Filho. It’s the largest football, or soccer, stadium in the world and the biggest of Rio de Janeiro attractions for fans of the sport. Inside there’s also an interesting sports museum to explore.

Bonde de Santa Teresa

Heading from the Cathedral in Lapa visitors cross the overpass to Santa Teresa. From here the options are getting off to explore th Museu da Chácara do Céu or riding all the way to the hill’s summit to experience the incredible vantage point above the city.

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