Rio de Janeiro Transportation

Tourists considering how to get around in Rio will find a wide variety of transportation options. Buses are in general the best way to get to nearby destinations in the state of Rio de Janeiro, such as Ipanema and Copacabana, as they are efficient but cheaper than planes. Within the city itself, buses, taxis, and an efficient metro subway system ferry tourists from attraction to attraction.

Train from Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo

For tourists looking for how to get around in Rio, trains have not traditionally been the most efficient option. There are currently few trains that operate between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. The trains that do run are typically slow and subject to delays. However, a new high-speed train, a joint venture between the government and a private company, is expected to be built by 2016, which will link the two metropolises in time for the 2016 Olympics. The municipal government also has impressive plans to revitalize Rio de Janeiro transportation with a new network of inter-city trains linking Rio with its neighboring cities.

Bus from Rio to Buzios

It is quite easy to find Rio de Janeiro transportation to Buzios, the popular beach town where many Rio residents go to unwind. Numerous bus companies in Rio (the largest being Viacao 1001) operate bus transportation almost hourly to Buzios from the Rodoviaria Novo Rio bus depot. The trip takes about 3 hours, and as it is a heavily traveled route, buses are comfortable and air-conditioned. Your hotel can also help you to arrange transportation if needed.

Buses from Rio to Paraty

Tourists interested in visiting the colonial town of Paraty can find buses leaving frequently from Rodoviaria Novo Rio. Fares are very reasonable for the 4-hour trip, and the drive takes you through some lovely scenic territory. Buses are comfortable and climate-controlled.

Train Tours from Rio de Janeiro

While trains are not generally the best option for how to get around in Rio de Janeiro, there are some train tours that are worthwhile for travelers. The most famous train tour is the Rainforest Cog Train Ride. You can take the cog train ride up Corcovado to see the Christ the Redeemer statue (it's easier than walking), which can be combined with a cable car ride to Sugarloaf Mountain. You'll get some great rainforest views in the process.

How to Get to Iguassu Falls from Rio

There are numerous ways to get Rio de Janeiro transportation to Iguassu Falls. The quickest and easiest way is via airplane to Foz do Iguacu International Airport, which is just 5 miles from the falls. A cheaper alternative is by overnight bus from Rio to Iguassu Falls. These buses are comfortable, air-conditioned, and well-organized, but they do take 22 hours to reach your destination from Rio de Janeiro. A third option is renting a car and driving yourself, but this is not recommended, as navigating the roads can be confusing, and traveling by bus is easier and cheaper.

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