Salvador Brazil Beaches

Vacationing at Salvador Brazil beaches is one of the main enticements of this city in the province of Bahia. The beaches in Salvador are among the best beaches in the country, and from stretches of soft sand and calm water to rocky points and waves perfect for surfing, you have several choices of sand, sun, and surf.

One of the most popular Salvador Brazil beaches is Porto de Barra. The beach is a good choice for those who prefer calmer waters. Situated in the bay, the beach is a good choice for those with children and who prefer calmer swimming waters. A historical point of interest at the end of the beach is Santa Maria Fort, which was built in the seventeenth century.

The Farol de Barra beach is s popular location for families and surfers. The shoreline is bordered by sand perfect for kids to make sand castles and rocks that create pools of cool water. The waves at Farol de Barra are much higher than the other beaches, making the destination well-suited for surfing. Another beautiful beach to spend the day on is Itapua Beach with its white sand and turquoise waters. The beach has a working lighthouse and the beach area near and around it is where you will find locals enjoying the sun and assorted kiosks serving food.

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