Forte de San Antonio

Forte de San Antonio has a long and colorful history, and for travelers interested in the history of Brazil, this is an excellent destination to visit during a trip to Salvador, in addition to heading to the city’s better-known beaches. When the city was first founded, it was important for the Portuguese inhabitants to establish a defense system to protect the city from foreign invaders. Located at the tip of the peninsula, the historical fort in Salvador Brazil began as a tower built between 1583 through 1587. Several years later in 1591, the actual octagonal shaped fort mounted with four cannons was erected.

During an invasion in 1624, the fort did not withstand the invading Dutch and the city was conquered with several fortifications to the fort implemented during the period of 1624 through 1625 while the city was under Dutch rule. When the Portuguese reclaimed the city several years later, Forte de San Antonio was refortified and additional forts were built from 1638 through 1647. From 1696 through 1702, the fort in Salvador Brazil underwent more restructuring and from an Italian engineer who designed the forts current shape.

Over the years the fort has been refurbished and visitors to the Forte de San Antonio can walk through the ancient building and see the same sights the conquerors saw centuries ago. The fort has a nautical museum and a lighthouse open to the public.



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