Sao Luis Maranhao

San Luis Maranhao, which is located on San Luis Island, ranks as one of the most picturesque cities in Brazil. Founded in 1612 by the French, the city depicts the culture of its past through the beautiful colonial architecture in the churches and palaces in the area. The city is represented by Brazilian, African, and Portuguese influences creating a diverse and vibrant fusion of cultures. San Luis Maranhao has two ports, Porto do Itaqui and Ponta da Madeira, which serve as hubs to export goods from the Amazon region.

Due to its relatively small size, getting around the city and accessing other areas of the island are both easy and convenient. Sao Luis Brazil has a network of independent owner-operated cabs and car ferries, and the Estreito dos Mosquitos Bridge links the island to the mainland. The busy port city offers plenty of entertainment, clubs, and restaurants with diverse menus ranging from local to international cuisine. San Luis Maranhao has an active nightlife and adults will find they have an array of nightclubs, bars, and clubs to choose from providing live music and dancing. If you love being active, take advantage of the opportunity to learn to dance the traditional samba during your trip to Brazil—it’s one of the more unusual, and memorable, things to do during a getaway.

The historic district is another main attraction for many tourists when visiting Sao Luis Brazil. Founded in1612 by the French, the city has retained its original street plan and features elaborate architecture featuring tiled roofs, painted facades, courtyards, balconies, and intricate cast-iron railings. It’s quaint and charming, and it gives visitors a sense of the blended history of the island.

With the city’s location being island-based, there are numerous water activities to enjoy in San Luis Maranhao such as sailing, fishing, snorkeling, and diving. The beaches offer visitors numerous choices for sunbathing, shell collecting, sunset strolls, and cool, inviting water for invigorating swims. For a scenic land excursion, visit the Lencoi Maranhenses National Park where you can walk among the parks sand dunes. The months between January through June are the rainy season for Sao Paulo and at the Lencoi Maranhenses Park, the rain creates clear pools among the dunes. Between July and September, the pools become active with newly hatching fish.

Like many other cities in Brazil, San Luis Maranhao has a variety of quality hotels ranging in price from budget motels and two-star hotels providing clean rooms to five-star hotels with luxury suites. Several of the hotels in the area include the Pestano Sao Luis Hotel, Mercure Sao Luis Mont Blanc Hotel, Holiday Inn, Brisamar Hotel, and the Hotel Praia Ponta da Areia. Many of the hotels are near the Historic Center and have convenient access to the international airport, the city’s main shopping district, and sun-drenched beaches. In the shopping district, you will have access to many restaurants, cafes, museums, markets, and shops displaying handcrafted items.

Thanks to a relatively steady climate, the best time to visit Sao Luis is any time of the year. Temperatures in Sao Luis average between 68 degrees and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. November is the warmest month averaging 82 degrees while the coldest month is January when temperatures plummet to 79 degrees. The rainy season in Sao Luis is January through July with February through May experiencing the heaviest days.

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