Sao Paulo Brazil

Sao Paulo Brazil is one of the country's most splendid jewels. This gem is a radiant city, alive with culture and industry. 45 miles from the Atlantic coast, Sao Paulo (which stands from St. Paul in Portuguese) is an amalgam of the various cultures that shape the face of this modern, bustling Brazilian metropolis.

The city of Sao Paulo, despite being so populous today, remained for hundred of years a smaller colonial town, evident in the relics of the old city that can still be found all over Sao Paulo.

Today, 32 malls, hundreds of boutiques and scores of fine stores line the busy streets of this prosperous city. It is also proud to be the home of 2 of 15 of he world's finest zoos, as well as a great number of parks and a magnificent botanical garden. The nonstop pace of Sao Paulo makes this a premier destination for nightlife in Brazil outside of Rio de Janeiro, even for the country's biggest festival, as the pictures of the Sao Paulo carnival are just as lively as those from Rio.

Sao Paulo has the best of both worlds, with virtually everything you could want to find in a large city, as well as some things you wouldn't expect. One notable fact is the large immigrant population, giving this centuries old metropolis a cosmopolitan and diverse face. The over 1 million Japanese who live here give this city the notable distinction of being the largest Japanese city outside Japan. Liberdade is the name of the neighborhood where you can find this hub of Japanese culture - it is a center of the Asian community, enhanced by the quaint gardens and exotic shops.

To add to the cultural wealth of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the museums here have some of the best permanent exhibits of Latin American art and architecture anywhere in the South American continent. The contemporary profile of a half dozen buildings of The Latin American Memorial Complex is replete with Latin American art. This complex is easily accessed via the clean and modern subway system, one of the world's finest.

Marvel at the exquisite furnishings of Brazils imperial era at the Ipiranga Imperial Museum (Museu Paulista), another one of Sao Paulo's cultural highlights. With so many resources and modern conveniences, this city is a delight to live as well as to explore. The wide boulevards of Paulista Avenue, Sao Paulo's main street, is a great place to start exploring the city of foot, and is a busy center of commerce and tourism.

Sao Paulo is a fascinating juxtaposition of old and new - here you can find colonial era splendor set against modern comforts. Sao Paulo is a city that begs to be explored. Clean, bright, and exciting, this city will completely revolutionize your ideas of the country of Brazil.

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