Sao Paulo Beach Hotels

Though many travelers, and even nationals, avoid visiting the busy city of Sao Paulo, it has a lot to offer. If you can get past the noise, pollution and crowds, there are actually many exciting things to do. Though relaxing is definitely one of the best ways to enjoy a holiday, exploring city life and the many museums, galleries, restaurants and interesting city boroughs can be as exciting as a day at the beach. If you happen to be in Sao Paulo and get tired of the accelerated pace of things, there's always a beach nearby to soak up the sun and catch some waves.

Close to the city, along the North Shore, lies Santos, one of the beautiful Brazil beaches in Sao Paulo. Santos features more than four miles of soft sand and warm water and is naturally adorned with rugged, lush hills soaring over a coastline replete with rocky inlets and sandy beaches. Being so close to the city, the best time to go is midweek, when local crowds are tied to their jobs. the Mendes Plaza Hotel is one of the Sao Paulo hotels on the beach offering terrific value in the heart of Santos. All suites and rooms feature cable TV, central air conditioning, large bath tubs and plenty of space. The hotel is close to excellent shopping and dining, and it presents many other convenient amenities like complimentary transportation, a lavish pool and deck, onsite parking and a great restaurant on the main floor serving local and international cuisine.

Illustrious Ilhabela is another of the nearby areas offering beach lodging in Sao Paulo. This area, a part of Ilha de Sao Sebastiao, presents the more lavish and luxurious Sao Paulo beach hotels. Found in the sixteenth century, Sao Sebastio has a long and interesting history evident in some of the area's intriguing architecture. Sao Paulo beach hotels throughout Ilhabela afford tourists many opportunities to explore and enjoy this mostly protected area. Almost twenty miles of beaches, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, a coastal rainforest and plenty of mountainous regions to trek are just the beginning. If you're staying at one of the Sao Paulo hotels on the beach in Ilhabela, there is also terrific diving, fantastic sailing and almost four hundred waterfalls to explore! In Sao Sebastio, colonial style Pousada Ana Doce is a top spot, offering sixteen suites enveloped by a lush, green garden.

Angra dos Reis is an exclusive beach resort offering many opulent five star Sao Paulo beach hotels to choose from. If you're looking for beach lodging in Sao Paulo laced with extravagance and plenty of self indulgent activities, this is the place for you. This stunning area, located between the Atlantic forest and the ocean along the Costa Verde is absolutely sublime. If you're visiting you're likely looking to splurge on beach lodging in Sao Paulo and Pestana Angra dos Reis is just the place to do it. This distinguished, intimate boutique hotel, only a two hour drive from Rio de Janeiro, offers only 27 rooms and an atmosphere awash with tranquility and peace. The bungalows, scattered between the ocean and the forest, include private terraces complete with hammocks and outdoor sofas so you can be completely absorbed in the surrounding natural beauty. Live it up in style and luxury and soak in life at one of the most luxurious and privileged Sao Paulo hotels on the beach.

If you're an adventurer keen to explore a variety of beaches around Sao Paulo, there's no need to opt for just one or two. There is little reason to stay at only one select beach lodging in Sao Paulo as they are all easily accessed by road and ferry. Stay in a beach hotel in San Sebastio, explore the beach region of Toque Toque Grande, enjoy fantastic nightlife ocean side in Maresias and grab a ferry to beautiful Ilhabela the very next day. Sao Paulo affords tourists many distinct beaches, offering a unique and vibrant atmosphere all their own. So, the next time you decide to cast aside an opportunity to explore city life, just remember that there is more to the city than meets the eye.

Image: Pestana Angra do Reis

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