Sao Paulo Beaches

If you're looking for a beach in Sao Paulo you won't find it in Brazil's largest city of Sao Paulo. The city, which is the capital of the state of Sao Paulo, is almost 50 miles from the Atlantic coast and has no beaches to speak of, even though it is part of a river system that flows to the ocean. But there are plenty of beaches in Sao Paulo Brazil along the state's coasts both north and south of the city.

If you're participating in one of the many Sao Paulo vacation packages or if you're in Sao Paulo city on business (it is the country's major financial center and hub), venturing further afield to some Sao Paulo Brazil beaches will be a rewarding experience.

At the mouth of the river system on which the city of Sao Paulo sits are several Sao Paulo Brazil beaches near the towns of Guaruja and Sao Vicente. This is quite a developed area with many Sao Paulo hotels that cater to the needs of those who happen to land on their particular Sao Paulo beach or strip of sand with cold drinks, umbrellas, and lounge cushions. Near Sao Vicente, the oldest town in Brazil and hometown of the soccer legend Pele, is Santos Beach, known both for its harbor and several miles of beautiful lush beachfront gardens. This Sao Paulo beach is one of the most beautiful urban beaches on Brazil's southern coast.

You'll find a number of these Sao Paulo Brazil beaches on the scenic Costa Verde (Green Coast) that lies between the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Many of these beaches will be found around Ubatuba, a town that gives its name to the granite slabs you might have on your kitchen or bathroom countertops. The Ubatuba region boasts more than 70 very beautiful beaches, including some that are on islands just off the coast that can only be reached by boat. You can trust that you will find a beautiful beach in Sao Paulo if you venture north up the coast road towards Rio de Janeiro.

Other great beaches in Sao Paulo lie on the southern coast towards the city of Curitiba. If you're driving to see the magnificent Iguazu Falls, stopping at some of these beaches in Sao Paulo Brazil will be worthwhile. If you want a beach in Sao Paulo that is really remote and undiscovered, this is the route for you. One of the notable beaches in Sao Paulo is Encanto (charm) Beach, which is quite remote. It's best to rely on one of the Sao Paulo hotels for transport to this idyllic spot. This is also true of probably the most remote of all Sao Paulo Brazil beaches-Pontal Beach.

For transportation to a Sao Paulo beach from Sao Paulo city, you have the choice of Brazil car rental or train. Since many people drive between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo because of the great scenery and beaches in Sao Paulo Brazil car rental is a good choice. For those without a car, the rail system is quite efficient.

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