Sao Paulo Weather

San Paulo weather, like much of the southern region of Brazil, experiences a seasonal weather pattern, with more noticeable temperature variations than what you’ll find in Manaus, for instance. The city has a humid subtropical climate, and for many tourists, the San Paulo Brazil weather forecast makes the city an ideal vacation destination. The days are often warm and sunny, and the beaches are excellent at any time of year.

Winter in Sao Paulo: The winter months of June through September are the dry season in Sao Paulo. July is typically the coolest month of the year, but the highs are still in the low 70s and the lows only dip into the low 50s. There is typically less than two inches of rain per month in July and August, with the precipitation increasing to just under three inches in September.

Spring in Sao Paulo: Between late September and the end of December, the temperatures remain similar to the winter weather, though they do start to noticeably warm up, with average highs increasing from the mid- to high 70s and lows increasing to the low 60s on most days. The precipitation increases as well, from about 5 inches in October to about 7.5 in December.

Summer in Sao Paulo: The Sao Paulo weather in the summer is the wettest of the year, with average rainfall in January and February totaling about 10 inches per month, before dropping to about 6 inches in March. Temperatures reach into the 80s and typically don’t get below the mid-60s. The mild climate draws many travelers from the Northern Hemisphere who are looking to warm up during their own winter months. February is typically the warmest—and wettest—month of the year.

Fall in Sao Paulo: Between late March and late June, the amount of precipitation continues to decline, with less than 3 inches falling on average in any given month. Temperatures are very pleasant and mild, with highs in the low 70s and lows in the mid-50s, and the record high temperatures for all three months are only in the mid-80s.

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