Things to Do in the Amazon

It should come as no surprise that things to do in the Amazon are not in short supply. Flowing through Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Guyana, Peru, and Bolivia, the river heralds sights and stories in every bend. Sightseeing in the Amazon is a breathtaking experience, but this is not an element of nature dedicated solely to respectful observance—Amazon River attractions also include high-energy sporting activities, where the river and its surroundings are to be battled against as much as they are to be respected. What’s more, attractions in the Amazon even include a city or two, making urban tourism on the longest river in the world a distinct possibility. When it comes to arranging your vacation in Brazil, it's worth considering the extensive number of things to do in the Amazon before choosing your itinerary.

The Iguassu Falls

Located across the Brazil-Argentina border, the Iguassu Falls probably rate as the top attraction in terms of sightseeing in the Amazon. A colossal volume of water—450,000 gallons to be precise—cascades over the edge of a wide cliff here every second. If for some reason the sight of the falls doesn’t excite you, then the deafening roar of water is guaranteed to get your heart racing.


Thanks to efforts by the Brazilian Government, eco-tours are becoming major attractions in the Amazon. They can take many forms, including (but not limited to) treks with local guides who teach the ways of village living in the Amazon, and projects in certain camps or reserves where conservation is high on the list of priorities.

Stay in a Brazilian Amazon Lodge

These jungle lodges provide the opportunity to live in the middle of the Amazonian nowhere without necessarily leaving behind standards of comfort. Quiet, peaceful, and full of nature, they’re a great way to experience the attractions in the Amazon for those who might not want to rough it.


Manaus is a medium to large city roughly located at the start of the Amazon, where the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimoes meet. This is a fairly affluent and amiable place—sightseeing in the Amazon here takes the form of more typical city-based tourism, such as visiting museum. The deep jungle is never far away, however, and Manaus is enjoyed by many as a convenient base before launching off into the great unknown.


For adrenalin junkies, a visit to the Amazon is akin to reaching nirvana. Things to do in the Amazon that are guaranteed to get the adrenalin pumping include white-water rafting, kayaking, climbing, rappelling, tombstoning (the art of jumping off a high rock into water of unknown depth), and many others. Even fishermen like to walk on the wild side here, and piranha fishing is a common pastime.

Canopy Walks

There are few better ways to experience the South American jungle than via a canopy walk. These walks are found throughout Brazil’s stretch of the Amazon. Normally formed of secure wooden pathways cut through the tops of trees, the paths afford an incredible view across the lush green canopy of the Amazonian jungle. More D.I.Y. canopy walks (i.e. climbing from one tree to another) are also said to occur, though they are not recommended and are strictly for the brave and foolhardy.

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