Brazil Vacations

Are you dreaming about Brazil vacations? This exotic South American destination has it all: great beaches, adventures in the Amazon rainforest, delicious food, and the incredible celebration of Carnival. If you’ve got beach vacations rentals in Brazil on the mind, there are a few things to take care of beyond buying a new bathing suit. Get the practical stuff out of the way first, and then you can enjoy all the planning for your upcoming trip. From exploring Rio de Janeiro to trekking through national parks, there’s always something new to discover in Brazil.

The first step for planning Brazil vacations is to secure your visa. Americans are required to have a visa for entry into Brazil, and the application is actually fairly time consuming. Once you fill out the application, submit your photographs and supporting documents, and pay the fee – you still have a waiting period while your visa is being processed. Another practical matter is a cell phone. Many travelers these days want to have access to a phone while traveling. You can purchase a Brazilian SIM card to go into your international cell phone and you will be all set.

With those practical matters out of the way, it’s time to think about beach vacation rentals in Brazil. Everything you’ve heard about Brazilian beaches is true: the water is that beautiful, the beaches do stretch for miles, and the bikinis are that tiny. One of the best ways to soak up this atmosphere is with a rental right on the beach. If you’re planning a relaxing vacation, you can hardly beat the convenience of a beach rental. There are excellent beaches all along the coast of Brazil, but some of the top choices include the famous beaches of Rio de Janeiro, the beaches of Sao Paulo, and other lesser known places such as the Fortaleza beaches.

Some travelers would argue that Brazil vacations wouldn’t be complete without seeing one thing: Iguassu Falls. These spectacular waterfalls are sure to be a highlight of any trip to Brazil. Massive in comparison to Niagara Falls, it is impossible to comprehend the falls until you set your own two eyes on them. If you’re interested in this more natural side of Brazil, other things to investigate include a fishing trip into the Amazon, a hiking tour of one of the many national parks, or a birdwatching tour in the rainforest. From red-rock mesas to lush canyons, Brazil is full of a range of scenery that will constantly impress you.

While beach vacation rentals in Brazil might be at the top of your list, another reason to plan Brazil vacations is for the annual celebration of Carnival. These festivities lead up to the Lenten season, and are basically one final blow out of fun before the fasting days of Lent. Attending this festival will show you that the Brazilians definitely know how to celebrate. Elaborate costumes, parades, dancing, and nightclubs all feature in the Carnival festivities. Be sure to make your arrangements in advance, as hotels fill up incredibly quickly for these events. As if you needed one more reason to plan a trip to Brazil, the 2014 World Cup is bringing even more attention to the country.

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