Arica Chile

Arica tourism is popular among travelers to Chile, as this beautiful city is high on the list of destinations to visit in an area where travelers can enjoy sun-drenched beaches along the Pacific coast, as well as the picturesque scenery of sand dunes and the colorful landscape of Valle de la Luna in the Atacama Desert. For those considering travel to Arica, it is located in the fifteenth (XV) region of the country on the northernmost point bordering Peru, making it a convenient location to travel across the Peruvian border via the Pan-American Highway.

Arica Chile is an area full of culture and history where visitors can see the ancient Chinchorro mummies at the San Miguel de Azapa Archeology Museum; these specimens are older than the mummies found in Egypt. Hike up El Morro Hill, which was a place of battle during the War of the Pacific, for panoramic views of the surrounding area, visit the Morro de Arica Military Museum, and study the architectural works of Alexandre Gustav Eiffel at the San Marcos de Arica cathedral.

Travel to Arica, also known as the City of Eternal Spring, creates the perfect vacation for beach outings, swimming, sunbathing, and fishing with its ideal location along the Pacific Ocean. There are several beautiful beaches in the area, including El Laucho, Chinchorro, and La Lisera beaches. Deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, and boating are also common activities during Arica tourism, and the temperate, year-round climate with one of the lowest rain fall levels in the Western hemisphere means the city promises a resort atmosphere all year long.

If you're looking for a more active vacation, one of several Arica tours available is to Lauca National Park and Lake Chungara, which is one of the highest lakes in the world with an elevation of 14,850 feet above sea level. The lake is located near the Parinacota and Pomerape volcanoes. At Lauca National Park, visitors are surrounded by numerous types of foliage such as lush forests and tropical fruit trees; resident wildlife including llamas, vicunas, flamingos, and alpacas; and snow-capped volcanoes.

During a full-day tour of the area surrounding Arica Chile, you can visit archeological sites at Ponconchile in the Lluta Valley and see examples of ancient geoglyphs and pictograph drawings, explore the twelfth-century fortress named Pukara de Copaquilla, and stop by the city of Putre, a settlement originally built by the Spanish in the 1600s. Tours also provide plenty of opportunities to stop in at local villages along the tour route to examine native handicrafts as well as items from Peru and Bolivia.

Additional sites to visit on scheduled single or multi-day tours while enjoying Arica tourism include Las Vicunas National Reserve, Isluga Volcano National Park, Salar de Surire Salt Flats with its long stretches of landscape dotted by blue lagoons, and the Polloquere hot springs. The stunning natural setting of western South America is a benefit of a Chile vacation to any of the coastal cities, and travelers will likely find Arica to be especially memorable.

Arica Chile also has a large selection to choose from when it comes to restaurants serving local cuisine and fresh seafood. For nightlife entertainment, the Arica Casino is the place to visit for gambling action. Fully equipped with more than 200 gaming machines, the casino offers table games including roulette, blackjack, and poker. The casino, which is part of the El Paso Park Hotel, has multiple restaurants and bar and is open seven days a week from noon to the very early morning hours, ensuring that travel to Arica can be lively and entertaining at any time of day or night.

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