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Atacama tours offer a lot in the way of variety. This means that visitors to Chile’s Atacama Desert should have little trouble selecting a tour that suits their wants and needs. The best tours are arguably those that feature a private guide, as guests can often indulge in activities that aren’t offered by the group tours. Also true is the fact that private guides can better cater to their guests and even help them arrange customized tours.

The Atacama Desert is large and full of natural wonders. Salt basins make up much of the terrain, and there are areas that people often compare to the moon or the planet Mars. Sand dunes are prevalent in this exceptionally dry land, and both geysers and a smoking volcano hint at the region’s geothermal properties. Numerous tour operators take advantage of the dynamic terrain, offering tours that fit all kinds of wants and desires. It is possible to do some sandboarding on Atacama tours, for example, and horseback riding tours are popular. Other Atacama tours take guests to the top of a volcano, with the Volcano Lascar being the most highly visited in the region.

There are many things to see on do on Atacama tours. Visitors can arrange a guided mountain biking excursion that takes to beautiful Devil’s Gorge, and history buffs won’t want to miss Tulor. The oldest pueblo in the Atacama region, Tulor dates back to around 800 B.C. and is only five and a half miles southwest of the main tourist town in the area–San Pedro de Atacama. Those interested in local art can also check out the strange and beautiful Atacama Desert hand.

As for other Atacama tour ideas, there are tours that highlight the desert wildlife, and once the sun goes down, visitors can enjoy tours that revolve around stargazing. The Atacama Desert is one of the best places in the world for space observations, and the stargazing tours actually include opportunities to view the cosmos through high-powered telescopes. SPACE, which is situated at 166 Caracoles Street in San Pedro de Atacama, is the agency to contact for the astronomic Atacama tours.

Tour operators are in very good supply in San Pedro de Atacama, so it isn’t difficult to find them. The agencies that offer group tours tend to have minimum group sizes, so it can be a good idea to book a group tour in advance. Private tours understandably cost more on average, and should visitors so desire, they can look to arrange specialized tours that last a few days or more. The multi-day tours are great because guests have the chance to enjoy a number of different Atacama Desert experiences.

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