Chile Attractions

Chile’s slender shape spans laterally over a range of climates, and as a general rule, as you travel north, you will experience the dry warmer weather, and further south, toward Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica, you will find wetter, cooler weather. Along with the changing climates, visitors will find plenty of Chile attractions that celebrate and enhance a visit to each region. In the north, there are two territories, the Big North and the Small North, followed by central and south Chile, and finally, in the south, North and South Patagonia. Throughout this fine coastal country visitors will find wonderful opportunities for sightseeing in Chile, including national parks, beaches, and hot springs.

Tourists come from miles around for the warm weather and sunny beaches during Chile’s summer season, which lasts from December to February. The beautiful Bahia Inglesa Beaches present gorgeous blue waters and plenty of opportunities for sunbathing and culinary feasts all year long. Located in the central zone is one of the surfers' favorite attractions in Chile, Pichilemu, which is not only a popular destination for surfers and adventure-seekers, but also for beachgoers and entertainment; Punta de Lobos is the best beach for surfing. Known as the capital of southern Chile, the city of Pucon is one of the top-rated Chile attractions, which sits at the foothills of the Andes, chock full of activities including windsurfing and horseback riding.

National parks and natural tourist attractions in Chile abound. Villarrica National Park in south Chile is home to the country’s most active volcano, which is the major attraction in the park. Many activities and sightseeing in Chile are linked to nature due to the high volume of parks and nature reserves in the country; other popular national parks include Torres del Paine and Laguna San Rafael. For unique outdoor sights, visitors should be sure to visit Easter Island, which is one of the most unusual and beautiful Chile attractions, known for its striking stone sculptures of heads.

Aside from the more common tourist attractions in Chile, such as beaches and national parks, there is one unique site that draws many visitors for several purposes, including health. Hot springs in Chile are known for their beneficial properties and lush surroundings. The Mamina Hot Springs are thought to be located on an ancient pre-Incan settlement in northern Chile. One of the most beautiful and also the southernmost hot springs in Chile are the Puyuhuapi Hot Springs, located in Patagonia; these highly mineralized waters hold a coveted fish called the puye, and besides the healthful properties, there are plenty of other outdoor activities at this popular destination. Huife Hot Springs is nestled in the Andes against the backdrop of the Villarrica Volcano; here, visitors have opportunities to visit the surrounding parks.

From warm-weather attractions in Santiago Chile to the beautiful hot springs in Patagonia, visitors will find an abundance of things to do in this unique country. While planning your trip, be sure to plan in advance and make your reservations early to ensure a stress-free transition to your vacation in Chile. Whatever it is you choose to do, the attractions and sightseeing in Chile offer a host of opportunities to create a vacation that everyone will love.

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