Chile Hotels

Travelers to the continent of South America will not be disappointed in the selection of available hotels in Chile. From the northern tip and the Atacama Desert to the southern Patagonia region and Tierra del Fuego, there is a fine selection of Chile lodging at affordable prices. Each of the country's fifteen regions provides a significant and diverse selection of hotels in Chile. 

The east coast of the country is lined by the Andes, the west coast is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, and to the north is the Atacama Desert. Chile also has a lake district and a volcano district in the central part of the country and lush wilderness areas in southern Patagonia.

Chile lodging comes in a variety of styles that range from hostels, cottages, and apartment hotels to three- and four-star hotels and ocean-side resorts for the luxury traveler. Chile hotels are located in all areas of each region of the country, so whether you find yourself in downtown Punta Arenas or the business district of Puerto Montt, near airports, steps away from the ocean, or situated in quiet areas away from busy main streets, you're sure to find a place that's convenient to plenty of attractions, restaurants, shopping, and transportation.

If you are backpacking across the Lake District, enjoying eco tours in national parks, or snow skiing in the Andes, you might be interested in a cheap hotel in Chile. There are many quality hostels available providing laundry service, continental breakfasts, and internet connections for your convenience. These options are often popular with younger travelers or those on a budget and offer a friendly atmosphere and a great opportunity to meet travel buddies.

If you're looking for more privacy, hotels in Chile also come in cottage-style accommodations that cater to families and travelers seeking a home-style setting with kitchenette facilities. Cottages and apartment-style lodging offer multiple room bungalows ideal for large families and for groups traveling together but seeking individual bedrooms.

When putting together vacation packages, many options include Chile hotels, transportation to and from the airport, car rentals, and tour arrangements to national parks or vineyard tours in the area around Valparaiso. Packages are an excellent way to save money on different aspects of your vacation by bundling the costs with a one-time fee. Gambling is a popular form of entertainment, and vacation packages also can be booked at Chile hotels located near to or part of local casinos such as the Casino de Arica, located within the El Paso Park Hotel.

Travelers will find exemplary Chile lodging available in all fifteen regions of the country, and there are plenty of options convenient to local attractions and historic areas. Vacationers staying at hotels in Chile can visit the Tatio Geysers and Puritama Hot Springs in the Atacama Desert or take a trip to the archaeological sites featuring ancient drawings and geoglyphs at Ponconchile in the Lluta Valley, which provide a glimpse into the country's history.

At Humboldt Penguin National Reserve near La Serena, you can observe whales and penguins, or hike through the Vicente Perez Rozales National Park near Puerto Montt in the Lake District and Torres Del Paine National Park in southern Patagonia. The Salar de Surire salt basin provides scenic landscapes, as does the Valle de Luna in Atacama. Vacationers can also witness the spectacular views of the Parinacota and Pomerape volcanoes surrounding Lake Chungara. Some hotels may help arrange excursions for their guests, so if guided tours are your preference, it's worth checking whether your lodging has these services.

Traveling throughout Chile is done primarily by bus service that runs from north to south, though a rental car or domestic flights are also possibilities for getting around once you've arrived; unfortunately, the rail system in Chile has declined as a major option for transportation. However, you should have little trouble getting around, as many hotels in Chile provide car rental services and transportation for guests booking single and multi-day tours.

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