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Chile cruises glide by islands, drift past fjords, and give visitors access to natural landscapes many tourists never get to see. A lengthy coastline makes a cruise to Chile a popular option for exploring the South American country, as only from the water can visitors see the many faces of islands, rocky cliff faces, sandy beaches, and private inlets. The untainted natural landscape is a draw for some travelers, while others seek to the chance to see ice drifts and glaciers firsthand. Whether you choose a Punta Arenas cruise or a Chilean fjords cruise, you will enjoy the landscape of the country with one of the best views available.

Visits to the southernmost cities on the planet are an attractive feature of Chile cruises, and options for day cruises or journeys with luxury accommodations are available. You may want to combine a cruise to Chile with a visit to one of the popular beach resorts, such as Vina del Mar, or some outdoor activities such as hiking or kayaking. Many packages are available for cruises as well, and they may include transportation to and from the boat. The major cruise companies are expanding their services in South America due to an increased interest in exploring this region of the world.

A Punta Arenas cruise often includes many other cities on the itinerary. As the southernmost city in the world, many visitors wish to visit Punta Arenas for its spectacular views of the Straits of Magellan. It is possible to include Santiago, Valparaiso, Isla Magdalena State Park, and Garabaldi Glacier on the itinerary for these Chile cruises. For those who don’t like to fly but are still hoping to explore South America, a 35-day cruise option exists that begins in San Diego and explores not only Chile but other top destinations across South America, including Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. An even longer 62-day option starts in Miami, and its itinerary includes a cruise to Chile.

Scenery is the main draw for a Punta Arenas cruise. Many consider this city to be the entranceway to some of the most spectacular landscapes on Earth. From dense forests to mountain ranges that plunge down into the Pacific Ocean, there will never be a dull moment cruising around Chile. If your interest is the native wildlife of Chile, you can look into a cruise that features excursions to the penguin settlements near Punta Arenas, though a variety of eco tours are available as well for those who prefer to stay on land.

The price of Chile cruises varies depending on the season, and you may be able to find deals during the shoulder season, considered to be October and November, or March and April. While aboard the ship, take advantage of the excursions available, and don’t miss the chance to see the capital city of Santiago and the beaches that draw so many tourists. Water sports are also popular excursions from cruise ships, and kayaking is a great way to get even more intimate with the landscape. Whether you are planning a romantic trip or a family getaway, a cruise ship may help you to see a variety of what Chile has to offer during one journey.

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