Chile Eco Tours

Chile eco tours focus on the best and most popular element of the country: the magnificent landscapes. Unspoiled nature is the backdrop for an adventure into the untamed wild areas of the country. Eco tours in Chile range from gleaming white salt flats to glaciers to the Andes Mountains, and an increase in popularity and demand for Chile ecotourism has led to the development of a variety of tours, including opportunities for bird-watching, horseback riding, and hiking on volcanoes. These small group operations also provide great exposure to the culture of Chile and its friendly local people. Chile eco tours are especially sensitive to the environment and local communities, so you can be confident you are traveling green.

The best Chile eco tour for you depends on your taste, but many would vote for the fjords. From a boat you can see firsthand the paths ancient glaciers carved to result in today’s formations. Eco tours in Chile have knowledgeable guides that share their expertise on the flora and fauna of the area. An educational experience, visitors are guaranteed to leave the tour with a great understanding and respect for Chile. Responsible tourism is part of Chile ecotourism, and many operators pay special attention to the sustainability of food and wine they serve. Transportation, especially domestic air travel, allows for exploration of different areas of Chile during one eco tour. On the same journey, you can see the Atacama desert in the north and the glaciers in the south.

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