Chile Festivals

Chile is composed of some of the most diverse climates, landscapes, and cultures. This slender country stretches along the western coast of South America and is home to every biome in the world, except tropical. Attending one of the festivals or events in Chile is one way to experience the diversity of the country and to learn more about the country's history and culture. Depending on when and where you take your vacation, there will be various types of Chile events during your stay.

There are hundreds of Chile festivals throughout the year in a variety of different areas, so visitors may want to conduct a bit of research of the events they may want to experience during their visit to this beautiful and lively country. January has several festivals; among them are the Santiago Loveparade in Santiago and the Feast Day of Saint Sebastian in Yumbel. Each of these festivals is unique; at the Loveparade, tourists will see a procession of booming stereos on a parade that charts a course through the streets of Santiago, and the Feast Day of Saint Sebastian is a lively festival filled to the brim with more than 300,000 faithful followers.

April hosts several fashion and religious festivals, including the Fiesta de Cuasimodo, which is a religious festival in Chile that celebrates the Eucharist every year on the day after Easter; historically, the priest would be escorted by colorful knights throughout the city while he administered the Eucharist to the sick and dying to prevent the attack of criminals who stole his ornaments. While it is much safer today, this ritual is lovingly continued.

Many of the events in Chile are centered on religious ceremonies and feast days. If you plan to attend one of these religious Chile festivals, you should know when and where they are taking place during your visit. In June and July, you will find a host of holy celebrations, including the Fiesta de San Pedro de Atacama, taking place in the peaceful Atacama desert town of San Pedro, Saint Peter’s and Paul’s Feast Day in Valparaiso, the Feast Day of the Virgin del Carmen in Santiago, and the Festival of the Virgin of the Song in La Tirana.

Several types of Chile events abound in various parts of the country, from arts and crafts, music festivals, feast days, and Chilean holidays, such as Columbus Day, which takes place on October 12 each year in Santiago. Not only is this a festival in Chile a day to commemorate the arrival of Columbus to the new world, but it also celebrates the convergence of ethnicities that comprises the nation of today.

Daily Chile events take place in several parts of the country as well, including the Maule Valley Wine Region, attracting dozens of wine-lovers from all over the world, Valle de la Luna with strange salt sculptures dotting the landscape, and Easter Island, which is one of the most famous of all attractions in Chile. Although an explanation of the giant statues has never been discovered, they are still quite a sight to see. The best time to arrange a visit to the island is between late January and early February, when the natives are celebrating a festival in Chile called Tapati, honoring their Polynesian heritage.

Any number of Chile festivals could prove to be quite an experience that will leave you with splendid memories. The people of Chile celebrate life in a grand way, and this is one of the main attractions in the country. Visitors on a Chile vacation are sure to find plenty of culture, attractions, and foods to highlight the festivities, creating an unparalleled experience.

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