Chile Hiking

Glaciers, lakes, and dense forests dominate the landscape you'll see while hiking in Chile. There is no better way of exploring the national parks of this unspoiled South American country than on foot, where you can fully appreciate the flora and fauna and the spectacular views. Chile hiking has grown in popularity with tour groups that guide the way through various regions of the country. Whether you want to hike Chile in Patagonia, the Andes, the lake district, or the desert of the north, you will be amazed at the natural beauty this country has to offer.

It is difficult to rate the best hikes in Chile, as the landscape across the country is so diverse. Hiking in Chile can guide you past volcanoes, through ancient forests, and across glacial valleys. Depending on your interest in visiting Chile, there is an area to explore on foot for your individual taste. If your interest is in wildlife and you’d like to encounter flamingos in their natural habitat, these types of Chile backpacking tours can be arranged. Tour companies specialize in a various categories of Chile hiking, including those focused on wildlife, landscapes, and other outdoor adventure activities.

Chile backpacking trips can often include the opportunity to go fishing or kayaking. The pleasures of hiking in Chile also extend beyond activities and include the wildflowers, birds, and animals you will see in their natural environment. Whether you are planning a family vacation or an excursion for a group of friends, Chile hiking trips can be individually tailored to your interests. Be sure to alert your tour company to any fascination you may have of the natural world. From its extensive opportunities for bird-watching to rare species of flowers, the climate of Chile has produced an awe-inspiring landscape.

A variety of accommodation options from lodges to camping to luxury hotels are available in Chile. Some tour groups may offer accommodation as part of a package with hiking, and some may even include food and delicious Chilean wine, which you can sample even more during one of the local wine tours. Chile backpacking can bring you to the heart of the world heritage site of Torres del Paine. This national park is known for its vibrant colors and jagged mountains. From its stunning location in Southern Chile, you can explore lakes, glaciers, and rivers on foot.

When planning a hiking trip in Chile, it is important to consider the physical demands of such an adventurous trip. Break in your shoes before your trip, and be sure to pack high-endurance clothing and footwear; bring extra layers if your travels include places such as Patagonia, where temperatures can vary greatly between day and night. Small hiking groups led by an experienced guide will reveal landscapes and dramatic scenery that many visitors to Chile will not see. The adventurous traveler is rewarded during a trip to Chile, as many of the best sights are not in the cities, but must be found on foot.

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