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Chile is a large country divided into fifteen regions. From these regions, several different climate areas emerge, including the Atacama Desert, Pacific coastline, the lake district, the volcano district, Patagonia, and the Andes; each area provides a variety of choices for budget accommodations whether you are looking for a Chile youth hostel in one of the rural regions or your travel plans focus on specific hostels in Santiago. Either way, there are plenty of options available.

Traveling in Chile without making pre-set hotel or motel arrangements is an excellent way to create a spontaneous vacation and discover the many natural features, eco tours, wildlife tours, and urban attractions, as it allows you to explore the country at your own pace and devote more time to any places that you're particularly fond of. Beginning at the hostels in Santiago, as most vacationers initially arrive in Chile via this city, is a good start to an interesting and comfortable vacation.

There are numerous luxury hotels throughout the country, but for those interested in a more casual adventure or who are traveling on a tight budget, staying at any one of the Chile hostels will satisfy your traveling needs. The locations of these accommodations vary, ranging from right in the a busy downtown area where travelers have the benefit of nearby restaurants and attractions to a rural hostel in Chile that caters to those interested in skiing in the Andes, for instance.

Backpackers, singles, and couples will find an assortment of accommodations when looking for Chile hostels. Accommodations for the younger crowd are also available, and those looking for a Chile youth hostel will not be disappointed, as there are several to choose from that are near the bustling nightlife of Santiago, offer large communal areas where travelers can gather for a good time and hold events such as weekly barbecues, creating another way to socialize.

One of the features of good hostels in Santiago is proximity to the city's Metro de Santiago rapid transit system, which connects to multiple stations and makes it convenient to travel around to the best museums, clubs, restaurants, and other attractions in the bustling capital. Prices for accommodations at Chile hostels are typically very inexpensive, going from less than $10 per night to the mid-teens and with high-end prices above the $25 per night range, leaving plenty of extra cash for other parts of your vacation.

Amenities offered at a hostel in Chile vary widely, and depending on your choice of lodging can include the bare minimum for a good night's sleep to numerous amenities to enhance the vacation experience. You will find that many hostels provide the basics such as breakfast, irons and ironing boards, and security lockers in the price. Other hostels offer extended services that may include 24-hour security, a swimming pool or Jacuzzi, a community room, library, DVD collection, guest kitchen, free internet access, and bed linens, as well as benefits such as street parking, an on-site restaurant, bicycle parking, TV, laundry service, and a desk for making tour arrangements.

When booking a stay at a hostel in Chile, ask about the types of services that are included in the base price, along with additional prices for any extra in-room services or transportation needs in order to make the best choice for your vacation. If you're traveling during the winter, keep in mind that some hostels do not have heat and rooms are heated by way of individual heaters that can be used for only certain periods of the day or evening, and it may be worth asking ahead of time about bringing an extra blanket or sleeping bag.

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