Chile Kayaking

The only way to see the majestic coastline of Chile better than on a cruise is from a kayak. For the adventurous traveler, Chile kayaking brings you up close to the nooks and crannies of the coastline that larger boats can’t reach. As you paddle the cool water, you’ll come across wildflowers and perhaps some of Chile’s unique wildlife, too. Whether you choose to kayak in Chile in the Pacific Ocean or in one of the many lakes in the national parks, you will be surrounded by beauty. The country has many other adventure activities to offer as well, including hiking, fishing, and golfing.

Chile sea kayaking can be arranged as part of a tour or even a day trip. No previous experience is necessary for Chile kayaking, as experienced guides can provide as much instruction as is necessary for each traveler. Tours can range anywhere from two to eight days, and often packages are available with accommodation and food included. These tours specialize in highlighting the best the country has to offer, from excellent Chile sea kayaking to showing guests natural hot springs and letting the Chilean wine flow at meals. These organized tours remove any hassle of planning your vacation and sometimes include transportation from an airport or designated location.

To kayak in Chile is to see a perspective that many visitors miss. The coastline is made up of a series of islands, fjords, mountains, and protected waterways. You will have access to all of this aboard your kayak. If you're planning a trip to go sea kayaking in Patagonia, consider bringing friends along. Many tour groups operate in small numbers, and your group could have an entire itinerary to yourselves. This is also another method of earning a discount on your adventurous tour of Chile, as often better prices are available for larger groups.

If your dream of Chile kayaking includes the lake district and national parks, this is an option as well. Torres del Paine National Park is known for its wide spectrum of colors, jagged peaks, and various lakes. There is also an option to kayak in Chile past glaciers and icebergs, on a tour of two to three hours. In the national park you are sure to encounter interesting wildlife during your journey down the lakes or rivers, and if seeing the creatures of Chile is an interest of yours, you may want to look into wildlife tours as well. From bird-watching to spotting exotic animals, wildlife tours are another way of exploring Chile on foot or from the back of a jeep.

Chile sea kayaking is the most popular option for paddling in this South American country. The dramatic landscape is ever-changing, and it provides endless entertainment for visitors. Go and experience the fjords for yourself, and paddle up to the edge where the mountains plunge down into the ocean. The glaciers have carved an unforgettable landscape, just waiting for the adventurous traveler to arrive.

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