La Serena Chile

Visitors to La Serena Chile will find an unparalleled opportunity during their trip to South America, as they vacation in a centuries-old city full of history and culture. Founded in 1543, La Serena is the second-oldest city in the country, with only the capital city of Santiago, founded in 1541, preceding it. As a premier beach destination for tourists, La Serena tourism revolves around separate summer and winter seasons, and during the shoulder seasons and outside the peak travel times, vacation packages to La Serena are often available, typically including discount airfare and accommodations or combine coupons for local tours.

A temperate climate prevails in La Serena Chile all year long, making it a suitable destination for outdoor activities, even with many travelers from the Northern Hemisphere likely visiting during their own summer, which is Chile's winter. The beaches of Las Tacas, Morrillos, and La Herradura, for example, are excellent places for windsurfing, sailing, and scuba diving.

La Serena tourism is popular among travelers as this region of Chile boasts a varied landscapes, from beaches and vineyards to verdant green valleys and mountaintop observatories that provide many activities to enjoy and locations for sightseeing. Many interesting attractions for visitors that depict the city's historical past, from examples of neo-colonial architecture to museums exhibiting maps and ancient artifacts, are on hand in La Serena Chile and are sure to be memorable.

At La Recova market near the Plaza de Armas stands the Archaeological Museum of La Serena, which features historical artifacts from the city itself as well as from surrounding areas such as Easter Island. The museum has the only Moai statue from Easter Island on display on the mainland of Chile, making it an excellent destination for anyone interested in the history of the country and its environs.

A trip to La Serena promises visitors a vacation filled with adventure at this prime beach resort area located along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. Among the many things to do in the city and surround area are full- and half-day options for La Serena Chile tours. Tours are available to take you on hiking excursions through Humboldt Penguin National Reserve and Damas Island for up-close views of penguins, dolphins, sea lions, birds, and other native wildlife residing in the park.

La Serena Chile tours also include trips to areas known for stargazing and astronomical research at Cerro Tololo Astronomical Observatory. The observatory is located atop the Cerro Pachon and Cerro Tololo mountains and is a branch of the Kitt Peak National Observatory. Seven high-tech telescopes are kept at the observatory for scanning the stars and planets, and tours of the observatory itself and the telescopes are available as well.

One of the most popular La Serena Chile tours includes sightseeing in the Elqui Valley, which is well known for its rich farming land nestled between towering mountains. The weather conditions in Elqui Valley provide ideal conditions for growing grapes and the production of a brandy liquor called pisco. The village of Pisco Elqui is often a stop on tours as well, as it is a site where pisco was distilled earlier in Chile's history.

A trip to La Serena would not be complete without a visit to Coquimbo, which is just a short distance away. This coastal resort area with its pristine beaches and colonial architecture is a popular vacation location for sightseeing, sailing, sunbathing, and for its busy casino. The Coquimbo Casino is open 24-hours a day with slot machines and gaming tables for Baccarat, blackjack, and poker plus roulette. The casino has an in-house restaurant and requires formal dress in many areas, so it's often wise to look into the dress code ahead of time.

Vacationers who are planning to include La Serena tourism in their Chile vacation will have no trouble finding plenty of places to stay while in the city. La Serena hotels come in a variety of styles and prices, ensuring that there will be accommodations to suit every taste and budget, from students backpacking through South America to couples taking a luxury honeymoon along South America's Pacific coast.

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