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Santiago Chile weather is affected by several things, and there are definitely seasonal tendencies to keep in mind when planning a visit. Among the first things that visitors might make note of is the fact the country of Chile is found on the South American continent, and when it is winter in South America, it is summer in the northern hemisphere countries. The reverse is thus true as well. When it is summer in the southern hemisphere, the northern hemisphere is going through its winter season.

Summer in Santiago: Generally speaking, anyone who is trying to make a weather forecast in Santiago should consider that the city has a very Mediterranean climate. In relation to summer, it tends to get very hot during the day, though it can cool down considerably at night. The summer temperature range for Santiago is 60-95 degrees Fahrenheit. It is quite dry in the Santiago area during the summer season, and summer visitors might appreciate the fact that smog levels are relatively low. The less smog there is the better the sightseeing, especially when it comes to the views that can be enjoyed from the summit of Cerro San Cristobal. December to February is the summer period.

Fall in Santiago: The autumn season in Santiago Chile runs from March to May. As you might expect, the temperatures decrease rather steadily as autumn wears on. Lows of around 45 degrees can be expected, while the average highs loom somewhere in the 72-degree range. The lack of the summer heat can make sightseeing around the city rather pleasant, and it should also be noted that fall isn’t a particularly rainy period.

Winter in Santiago: June through August is the wettest time of year in Santiago Chile. Thanks to a natural inversion effect, it is also a period when the city’s smog levels tend to be at their highest. The majority of the winter precipitation comes in the form of rain, as it is quite rare for temperatures to drop below the freezing point. It snows in the surrounding mountains, however, and it should be noted that these mountains are home to some enticing ski resorts. For those who are wondering about temperatures, the average winter high in Santiago is somewhere around the 60-degree mark, while the average low is around 38 degrees.

Spring in Santiago: In Santiago Chile, the spring season gets its fair share of rain, especially early on, though it is not as wet as winter. In terms of temperatures, it is a very mild time of year. The lows are in the low 40's, while the highs tend to be in the low 70's. Plants and trees begin to come alive in the spring, and this lends to the pleasant nature of a spring visit. Many people actually consider spring to be the best time to visit Chile, though there really isn’t a bad time when it comes down to it.

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