Things to Do in Chile

Magnificent vistas and intoxicating experiences await visitors to the extreme landscapes and stunning views of Chile. Travelers will find a host of things to do in Chile wherever their destination may be, from Arica in the north to Cape Horn and Tierra del Fuego. From the brilliant white sand of the beaches to the resplendent beauty of the Andes mountains, activities in Chile are among the most versatile and abundant available on any vacation.


Among the most relaxing Chile activities is to sit in the shade on one of the most beautiful beaches, watching the waves come and go, sipping a tall cool drink. This lovely country offers nearly 3,000 miles of coastline and scores of gorgeous beaches, where visitors will find an ample amount of fun things to do in Chile, including swimming, scuba diving, and fishing. The most famous of Chile’s sea side resorts is Vina del Mar, locally referred to as simply Vina. Untamed craggy cliffs, quiet coves and inlets, and soft verdant beaches make up the breathtaking scenery of Chile’s exquisite coastline.


While fishing is a major industry in Chile, travelers may enjoy a bit of leisure fishing in the seas and backwaters as well. Visitors can engage in several types of fishing; the two most popular types are fly fishing and salt water fishing. Guided fishing tours are offered for these trips as well.


At many of the golf courses in Chile, a gorgeous view of the ocean is always in sight. Latin American golf courses are becoming progressively more popular among golfers around the world. Golfing tours are available in which guests will enjoy a round of golf at several of the best golfing resorts across the country.


Chile offers a wide range of climates and landscapes for hikers, including the driest desert, the Atacama, a Mediterranean climate, and an arctic region, complete with glaciers. Recently, there has been an effort to connect the meandering trails of Chile into one comprehensive path across the country called Sendero de Chile, meaning the Chilean Path.


Among the most exciting activities in Chile are kayaking and white water rafting. Kayaking is a popular leisure activity on Chile vacations, and the rivers of Chile are considered world-class for white water fanatics; the most famous Class 5 rivers are Bio-Bio and Futaleufu. From sea kayaking to river rafting, adventure abounds in the waters across the entire country.

National Parks

One of the most interesting things to do in Chile is to visit one of the more than 40 national parks, ranging all over the country and in many different climates and terrains. Popular national parks include Torres del Paine and Laguna San Rafael; along with others, these national parks offer plenty of Chile activities and things to do, from picnicking to hiking to horseback riding. Tour packages are also available for two to three nights, including through one of the most ancient forests in the world, the Valdivian in Southern Chile.


The Andes Mountains offer tons of winter activities in Chile, including the ever-popular snowboarding and skiing. If you visit a ski resort during your vacation in Chile, you'll find it's a great way to experience the mountainous regions and wild territories of the country. Visitors can also find great packages for these ski resorts, but remember Chile’s seasons are opposite of the northern hemisphere, so the peak skiing season is around July and August.


Scores of tours are available for tourists and they're some of the best Chile activities to try, often including accommodations and always with a wonderful experience that visitors can take away from the varied landscapes of desert, mountains, and coastal waters. There are different types of tours available, including eco tours and adventure tours.


The vineyards and wineries of Chile stretch mainly along the central region of the country, from Limari to Bio Bio. This region features a fine Mediterranean climate, which is perfect for growing wine grapes. Travelers can also book wine tours of the vineyard regions, featuring a guided tour of the region and a bit of wine tasting. The most popular regions include Casablanca, Maule, Maipo, Colchagua, and Cachapoal.

Whatever you choose to do during your vacation in this fine country, you will find a host of things to do in Chile throughout the entire year, from kayaking to skiing to taking a relaxing tour of the many different regions of the country.

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