Things to Do in Santiago

Travelers will find no shortage of things to do in Santiago, the lively capital of Chile. Many visitors first enter the country via the international airport in Santiago, and even if you plan on exploring other regions of the country, you may find yourself in the city for a night or two. Luckily, Santiago Chile attractions are plentiful, and you’ll have your choice of art galleries, museums, theater, and nightlife options. Santiago activities can also revolve around history, as the city has plenty to offer visitors who are interested in architecture and other aspects of the country's past. Within close proximity to Santiago, there are many things to do as well, so making day trips from the city is always an option.


Santiago activities often include a trip to the beach. Located just 70 miles from the city, the beach towns of Vina del Mar and Valparaiso are popular destinations. Here the history continues, as the elite of Chile have been traveling to these areas to soak up the sun for more than a century. Among the most popular Santiago Chile attractions, these beaches have options for sunbathing, fishing, and water sports.


Golfing should be at the top of your list for things to do in Santiago. Just outside of the capital city there are many options for golfing, on courses that are up to the exacting standards of experience golfers. The surroundings are absolutely magnificent on these challenging courses, and close proximity to Santiago allows a morning of golf to be followed by lunch in a fine restaurant and an afternoon of exploring the city’s offerings.


Any trip to Santiago should include a visit to one of the many museums. The Museum of Pre-Columbian Art displays 4,000-year-old artifacts, helping to illuminate the indigenous culture. Nearby is the National Historical Museum, which provides visitors with an in-depth understanding of the history of Chile. For those interested in art, the Fine Arts Museum displays works by Chile's great artists, as well as temporary exhibitions. A Railway Museum and Wine Museum are options as well.


Of all the things to do in Santiago Chile, the most popular is skiing. From June to October, many international travelers arrive to visit the pinnacle of all Santiago Chile attractions, the challenging opportunities for skiing. With an expansive area of ski runs, slopes of varying difficulty, and dependable conditions, Chile has earned a reputation internationally for its outstanding skiing. An increase in popularity in recent years has seen entire resorts booked out for the season, so reserve in advance to avoid disappointment. The resorts are located not far from Santiago, and it is possible to arrange a shuttle to bring you to the ski resort of your choice.


As the cosmopolitan center of the country, one of the best things to do in Santiago is to experience the culture through dining. Meals will often be accompanied with local music, wine, and hospitality. If you aren’t familiar with Chilean wine, you will be pleasantly surprised by the tasty reds. Many visitors find themselves booking a winery tour after tasting Chilean wine at a meal in Santiago.

National Parks

No trip to Chile is complete without a stop in one of the country’s famous national parks. Popular Santiago activities include an excursion to one of the nearby national parks, to see firsthand the landscapes glaciers carved in the distant past. If you find this excursion inspiring, there are many tours of national parks available, including options for hiking, kayaking, and fishing trips.

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