Vina del Mar Chile

Vina del Mar Chile, also known as the Garden City, is located along the Pacific Coast and is a popular year-round tourist destination, providing exceptional weather, atmosphere, culture, history, and fine food. Vacationers can sunbathe on the white sands of Renaca Beach as well as surf, go deep-sea diving, tour nearby islands, or fish the waters of the Pacific. Several land-based excursions are available, including guided wine tours through area vineyards, taking photos of exotic flowers at the National Botanical Gardens, and playing at the casino are all possible during a vacation in Vina del Mar.

The diversity of Vina del Mar Chile ensures visitors of an excellent vacation experience, whether you are touring the city in a horse-drawn carriage, sunning on a local Vina del Mar beach, identifying the hundreds of flowers making up the face of the Flower Clock (a Vina del Mar landmark), or planning vacation time around the annual Vina del Mar Song Festival, an excellent activity for those interested in events in Chile.

Within the city and surrounding area, many attractions and sightseeing opportunities are available but require transportation. Available options for Vina del Mar travel include bus, rental car, taxi, or pick-up and drop-off service provided by your hotel. Plenty of Vina del Mar hotels are available for visitors, and it's worth considering what amenities—such as transportation—are the most important for your vacation.

Museums in the city include the Fonck Museum of Archeology and Natural History featuring one of the Muai statues originally located on Easter Island. The French-style Palacio Rioja palace built at the turn of the century houses an environmental museum and theater.

An annual attraction, the Vina del Mar Song Festival is held each February and runs for five consecutive days. Held at the Quinta Vergara estate, the Vina del Mar Song Festival has musical artists from around the world in concert along with contestants vying for the coveted Silver Seagull award and cash prize, given to the audience's favorite performers. 

Another February event worth attending is Derby Day, which has been celebrated annually for more than a century in Vina del Mar. It features thoroughbred horse racing for three-year-old geldings. This annual racing event, second only in popularity to Chile's Fiestas Patrias, which celebrates the country's independence from Spain, was first held in 1885 and remains a tradition at the Sporting Club. A regular horseracing program also runs throughout the year at the club.

Professionally guided tours are another pleasant option for Vina del Mar travel, as they journey through wine country, beginning in the Casablanca Valley located between Santiago and nearby Valparaiso. A tour led by a knowledgeable guide through local wineries provides information about the wine-making process of local vineyards along with food and wine parings.

To take advantage of the Chilean islands during your vacation in Vina del Mar, consider a trip to nearby Robinson Crusoe Island, named after the protagonist of Daniel Defoe's famous novel; multi-day tours of the island are available for those who are interested in truly getting to know the setting. Vina del Mar travel itineraries can easily include trips to the island, but do keep in mind that getting there usually requires flying from Santiago via Los Cerrillos or Tobalaba airports for a two-hour flight.

Vina del Mar Chile also has one of the best hotels and casinos in the area, which is equal to many international gaming facilities. Vina del Mar Casino is open seven days a week and features more than 1,500 gaming machines, plus 90 gaming tables, along with three restaurants, a bar, and a nightclub providing ongoing convenience and entertainment to guests.

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