Chile Wildlife Tours

Chile wildlife tours bring you face-to-face with some of the most exotic, unique, and strange animals on the planet. From whales to ostriches and penguins, the wildlife in Chile will continue to astonish visitors throughout the tour. Chile bird watching is another popular option for wildlife-lovers, as a wide variety of birds inhabit the many national parks in this preservation-conscious country.

When planning a wildlife tour in Chile, consider whether or not you would like the tour to include lodging. This can be a fun element to any trip, as accommodation can be provided in the form of eco camps or lodges. This is also a strategy for keeping the cost of a trip to Chile down. For many tours, airport transfers and transportation will be included as well.

Chile wildlife tours are a great way to explore the national parks. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Torres del Paine is home to wildlife tours that, with the assistance of an expert, make sure you see the full range of flora and fauna on offer. If you'd like to leave the mainland for your wildlife tour in Chile, you can always head to islands in Patagonia that are home to penguins and sea lions. Not only will you get to sail through the historic Straits of Magellan, but you’ll find yourself within an arm’s reach from this adorable creatures.

For the patient traveler, Chile bird watching is a rewarding experience as well. Experts will ensure you get to see the many species indigenous to Chile, such as flamingos, and cap off the day with some Chilean wine. An entire vacation could be planned around seeing the variety of wildlife that is thriving in Chile, or give you reason to plan a return to the country sooner than you originally intended.

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