Cartagena Beach
Cartagena Beach

Colombia has plenty to offer travelers: buzzing cosmopolitan cities, tropical beaches, and plenty of opportunity for outdoor adventure. When comparing this destination with other countries, travelers are lured by a remarkable variety in Colombia tourism. People plan vacations in Colombia to explore archaeological ruins, go scuba diving, visit coffee plantations, and indulge in nightlife. The list of reasons for Colombia travel can go on and on—including jungle tours, contemporary art galleries, adventure mountain trekking, exciting nightclubs, and cuisine. While this South American country has had a reputation for violence in the past, it has subsided greatly. Today, travelers are enjoying the sun, surf, and sex appeal that Colombia has to offer.

Located in northwestern South America, Colombia borders Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador, and it is the second-largest country on the continent by population. Indigenous civilizations thrived in this area until the late fifteenth century when Spanish conquerors arrived, but independence was won from Spain in the early nineteenth century. Political unsteadiness, violence, and drugs have plagued the nation, but though drugs are still a problem today, the violence associated with it has subsided greatly. More people than ever are planning vacations in Colombia to see the cities of the Andes mountains, the rain forests, and the beaches.

For many tourists, Colombia travel begins in the capital city of Bogota. Located more than 8,000 feet above sea level in the Andes Mountains, Bogota is a thriving metropolis. Art lovers will be in heaven: The city contains more than 50 museums and upwards of 60 galleries. Theater, symphony, and national monuments are also numerous throughout the city of skyscrapers. The historic district of town is called La Candelaria and is home to beautiful churches and old cafés. Renowned for its nightlife, Bogota offers a wide variety of bars and nightclubs. Colombia travel often begins at El Dorado International Airport, located on the outskirts of Bogota.

Colombia - Cartagena
Colombia - Cartagena

In addition to the capital city, vacations in Colombia often bring travelers to the beaches of Cartagena. The old walled city and fortress together are a UNESCO World Heritage site and will be a thrill for history buffs, while the beaches remain one of the largest tourist attractions in the country. Rafael Nunez International Airport serves the area and receives many connections a day from El Dorado Airport in Bogota. In addition, many Caribbean cruise ships dock at Cartagena. While beaches are a major draw, travelers also arrive looking to explore the Amazon, and other cities in the Andes worth a look are Medellin and Cali.

Colombia Weather
Colombia Weather

While Colombia’s proximity to the equator means that the weather doesn’t change too much throughout the year, it does change significantly with the altitude, so if you’re traveling from the lowlands to the peaks of the Andes, expect temperature changes. There are two seasons in Colombia: the dry season and wet season. Weather patterns vary throughout the large country, and they are affected by El Niño and La Niña. The best time to visit Colombia is during the dry season, in either December through March, or July and August. This is especially true if you plan on taking part in adventurous activities such as hiking. In addition, these periods are also known for having a good amount of cultural festivals, and they offer a great opportunity to see customs come alive. If you’ve read the novels of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and have high expectations for a dreamlike paradise of the country, you won’t be disappointed with the spectacular cities, laid-back beaches, and the mysterious Amazon.

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