Amacayacu National Park

Amacayacu National Park is where most visitors to Colombia opt to go when arranging trips into the country’s Amazon Rainforest region. This has a lot to do with the relative safety of such trips. Quite simply, the rest of the region is known for cocaine production and is basically off-limits. However, like the Colombian Andes, this is a beautiful area, and if you're able to make such a trip, it's a lovely and memorable part of a South American getaway in Colombia.

It is considered safe to fly to the Colombian Amazon region capital of Leticia. Once there, those who are destined for Amacayacu National Park board a boat in order to complete the rest of their journey. It takes approximately 45 minutes to get from Leticia to the park. Along the way, passengers can expect to see such things as native villages and local fisherman plying their trade. The boats also pass along Monkey Island. As the name implies, this island is home to a healthy population of primates.

The Amacayacu National Park, or Amacayacu National Natural Park, as it is also known, is a very natural and pristine place. In fact, this 11,350-square-mile park is considered to be the most pristine portion of Colombia’s Amazon region. The unspoiled nature of it all is where much of the allure lies. There’s also the fact that visitors can enjoy a variety of fun and interesting activities once they arrive at the park. It is common to go on a boat tour that involves seeing pink dolphins, for example, and guided Amacayacu National Park hiking excursions can be arranged. Other activity options include visiting native villages and taking trips to Monkey Island.

While exploring the realms of Amacayacu National Natural Park, visitors can expect to encounter plenty of Amazon Rainforest animals. The area is particularly known for its bird and reptile populations, not to mention its monkeys. Of course, the pink dolphins also get their fair share of attention, as do the grey dolphins that also inhabit the area waters. It should also be noted that the park is a major hangout for mosquitoes. A good bug repellent will come in very handy, as will a shirt with long sleeves and a pair of pants. The evening and nighttime hours are when the mosquito activity is most prominent. Thankfully, mosquito nets cover the beds in the park’s guest huts.

The Colombian government teamed up with the Decameron Hotels corporation to make Amacayacu National Park visits possible. At the park, the visitors center is divided into a visitors area and a scientific research center. In the visitors area, the rustic Decameron Hotel accommodations come in the form of huts. Some of the huts are communal, while others are private, and they feature little more than beds and hot water. WC facilities are also in place. Other things that the park hotel offers are a conference room and a restaurant.

Most Amacayacu National Park visitors begin their trips with a flight from Bogota to Leticia. A night is usually spent at the comfortable and well-equipped Decameron Tikuna Hotel in Leticia, and the boat ride to the park typically follows the next day. As for the best time to enjoy such trips, that would be the May through October period, as it coincides with the dry season.

Image: Dr EG (flickr)
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