Bogota Colombia

Look no further than Bogota Colombia for history, spectacular views, scintillating nightlife, and culture galore. As the capital of Colombia and home to more than 7 million residents, Bogota is a bustling metropolis with all imaginable cosmopolitan offerings. The historic district of La Candelaria will transport visitors back to another time in Colombia’s history, and the museums, cafés, and nightclubs will keep you endlessly entertained. While violence was once a major concern in visiting Bogota Colombia, the threat no longer looms so greatly. Safety initiatives have made the capital city a pleasant vacation spot once again.

The El Dorado International Airport, located outside of the city center, makes Bogota travel a breeze. Domestic flights to other areas of the country are widely available, and many travelers fly to the beaches of Cartagena after visiting the capital. Buses are the main means of transportation within the city, and they also connect Bogota to international destinations such as Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. The historic district La Candelaria is easily explored on foot, and many hotels in the area make transportation less of an issue.

Monserrate Bogota is one of the most popular attractions outside the historic center. Located high on a mountain above the city, Monserrate is a church that provides incredible views of the city sprawl below. Monserrate Bogota can be reached by cable car or by walking. At the top of the mountain, a church, tourist boutiques, and numerous restaurants are available, but the best element is certainly the panoramic views. An understanding about the sheer size and volume of people who live in the city can be gained from the view at Monserrate Bogota.

Cultural venues make up another dominating element of Bogota Colombia. Art lovers will be spoiled for choice with more than 50 museums and 60 galleries. The Colombian National Museum dates back to the early 1800s and is one of the oldest museums in the Americas, and the Cristobal Colon theater is home to a variety of opera performances and the National Symphony Orchestra. The city is also home to many open-air music venues, such as Rock at the Park, that contribute to the reputation of Bogota nightlife. There are plenty of national monuments worth visiting as well, notably the stunning Archbishopric Cathedral.

While options for culture and sightseeing are plentiful, some travelers prefer the charm of La Candelaria. A few days could easily be spent enjoying the cafés, wandering through the shops and taking in the atmosphere. Bogota is located at an elevation of more than 8,000 feet above sea level, so when you are planning a trip, take this into consideration. The difference in temperature between day and night is greater in the mountains, so it is important to pack a variety of clothing options. After you explore the capital city, there is much more to see in Colombia. You can explore the Amazon, go scuba diving and hiking, or visit the country's famous coffee plantations.



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