Colombia Hotels

Colombia Hotels
Colombia Hotels

Colombia hotels are available in every desire and price range, making the country's pleasures available to everyone. A combination of historical attractions, Caribbean beaches, and buzzing nightlife lures travelers to Colombia, and if you’re looking to splurge on your South America trip, you're sure to find a luxury hotel in Colombia to meet your expectations. Often the best hotels in Colombia have a historic association and were formerly privately owned mansions or palaces. These types of hotels offer the unique blend of charm, history, and personality, but whatever your price range, you can find a hotel in Colombia that will provide culture and comfort.

Cartagena Colombia Hotels
Cartagena Colombia Hotels

There are many Colombia hotels in the capital city of Bogota. The historical district of the city is called La Candelaria, and here there are plenty of options for a splurge. If you’re looking for a historic luxury hotel in Colombia, many of them can be found in this district of Bogota. One benefit of staying in this area of the sprawling city is easy access to main attractions, restaurants, and cafés. With the charm of the city right on your doorstep, you won’t have to worry about transportation in order to enjoy Bogota.

Another popular location for splurging on accommodation is the coastal city of Cartagena. Known for its beaches and Spanish colonial architecture, Cartagena also offers options for a picture-perfect historic luxury hotel in Colombia. Typically, you can enjoy all the amenities of a world-class hotel for about 175-200 USD. The value of these hotels is worth much more, and equivalent hotels in other parts of the world would cost significantly more. This justification often encourages travelers to splurge a little on Colombia hotels, as they are receiving excellent value for their money.

Both Cartagena and Bogota offer options for affordable Colombia accommodation as well. As a popular country for backpackers, Colombia has its share of hostels, guesthouses, and small hotels. While you may secure a good rate by booking ahead of time, it isn’t always necessary. If you are willing to share a bathroom and are just looking for a bed in a dorm room, you will be able to find budget Colombia accommodation even at the last minute. Some travelers decide to forgo hotels completely, and take to the Amazon and national parks for camping experiences. Colombia offers trekking and hiking tours to show visitors the incredible flora and fauna of the country, and these tours often include accommodation in lodges or campsites.

Colombia hotels along the coast often offer enticing packages as well. All-inclusive rates per person, per night commonly include accommodation, food, drinks, and some beach activities. These packages make South America travel a reality for many vacationers. Cruises are another option for travelers who aren’t interested in flying, and Cartagena is increasingly becoming a more popular port for cruse itineraries. Some travel agents will offer packages combining airfare and a hotel, which may create significant savings. Whether you visit Bogota, Cartagena, or anywhere in between, odds are you won’t be spending too much time in the hotel—the atmosphere of Colombia has a way of keeping visitors constantly intrigued.

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