Playa Blanca Colombia

Playa Blanca Colombia is a destination that more and more travelers are starting to take notice of. Found off the coast near Cartagena, this beach on the island of Baru entices with its soft white sand, its beautiful turquoise waters, and its swaying palm trees. Other trees also line the beach, providing both shade from the sun and ideal places to tie up a hammock. There are places to rent hammocks, for those who are without, and you can even spend the night sleeping in one if you so desire.

The beaches on the island of Baru are cleaner and less crowded than the beaches in nearby Cartagena. For that reason alone, they are worth keeping in mind when looking to enjoy some fun in the sun during a Colombia vacation. Playa Blanca is where many Baru visitors opt to spend the bulk of their time, and it is easy to understand why. This beautiful beach has a largely natural appeal, and about the only manmade things that you will find along its stretch are shacks. Some of these shacks rent hammocks and beach mattresses, while others sell food and beverages.

Should you wish to include a visit to Playa Blanca on your Cartagena itinerary, you can opt to book a tour of the Islas de Rosarios. These islands are part of a protected park, and the tours that visit them most often include a stop at Playa Blanca. Should you prefer going it alone and not booking a tour, there are two other ways to get to Playa Blanca. You can take a ferry boat that leaves from downtown Cartagena. The boats make daily trips, and travel time out to the island is around 40 minutes. As for the other option, it involves driving over in a car. A bridge connects the island of Baru to the mainland.

As a side note, aside from the options for hotels in Cartagena, the island of Baru is home to a wonderful all inclusive resort. This resort is known as the Hotel Royal Decameron Baru, and it is within easy reach of Playa Blanca and the island’s other strips of sand. Baru has been targeted for further development, so the lodging options might increase, but for now, this is the place to sleep on island if you have sufficient room in the budget.

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