Santa Marta Colombia

Parque Tayrona
Parque Tayrona

Santa Marta Colombia can make for a wonderful place to visit if you wish to enjoy some beach time during a South America vacation. The capital city of the Magdalena region, Santa Marta offers the fashionable beach resort of El Rodadero, and at the nearby Tayrona National Natural Park, pristine strips of sand await. Other area beaches can also be great places to enjoy some fun in the Caribbean sun, and when a break from the sand is in order, there are interesting options for things to do on the side. Scuba diving is just one example.

Santa Marta Streets
Santa Marta Streets

Santa Marta Colombia was founded by the Spanish way back in 1525. That makes it the oldest city in the country. While much of its alluring colonial architecture has been overtaken by more modern structures, there are still historic buildings to admire while in town. Those who are interested in history might also appreciate the fact that Santa Marta was where the famous Latin American leader Simon Bolivar died. The site of his 1830 death was an estate that is known as the Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino. That estate is found on the outskirts of the city and is now a popular tourist attraction.

Santa Marta
Santa Marta

Santa Marta is an extremely popular vacation destination for Colombians, and as far as foreign tourists are concerned, the numbers are going up. The city is a stop for cruise ships, and this helps explain why it is growing in popularity among the international crowd. There’s also the fact that this major port is home to an immaculate international marina. The nearby mountains provide protection from hurricanes, and the marina is partly intended to serve as a safe base for international sailors during the hurricane season.

Until relatively recent times, Santa Marta Colombia was a city that was plagued by such things as paramilitary uprisings and illegal drug trafficking. The government eventually stepped in and is largely responsible for the city’s transformation into a tourist destination. Also to thank for the positive transformation are the businesspeople who are responsible for opening hotels, bars, restaurants, and shops. It should be noted that Santa Marta Colombia is gaining a reputation as a popular party spot. In other words, it is a great place to go for some nightlife fun while in Colombia.

The El Rodadero Beach area of Santa Marta Colombia is similar to Cancun in some ways. There are high-rise hotels to select from, and when visitors aren’t enjoying activities on the wide beach, they can dine at a stylish restaurant or peruse the goods at an open air market. Beach enthusiasts should know that there are some wonderful strips of sand in and around the nearby village of Taganga. Also, the aforementioned Tayrona National Natural Park features virgin beaches, not to mention forest trails, an interesting archaeological site, and camping zones.

To get to Santa Marta Colombia, many travelers fly to Barranquilla and take a taxi or a bus the rest of the way. It takes about an hour to travel between the two cities. Also an option for those who aren’t arriving on a cruise ship is to fly to Bogota and then take a connecting flight to Santa Marta. These connecting flights are offered on a daily basis, and typically, the flight lasts about an hour.

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