Tayrona National Park

Anyone who is looking to add some beach time to their Colombia vacation agenda is encouraged to keep Tayrona National Park in mind. Found in the northern Caribbean region, this park is best known for its pristine beaches, and few would argue that its not one of the most beautiful parts of Colombia. Thanks to its protected nature, Tayrona National Park is also one of the country’s most biologically diverse areas, so visitors often find themselves doing some wildlife viewing when they’re not relaxing on the sand.

Cabo San Juan Beach
Cabo San Juan Beach

Tayrona National Park is wedged between the high-rising mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta range and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Because of the differences in altitude, the park presents various climates, and this lends to its rich biodiversity. In relation to the beaches, they are natural beauties. Large boulders and driftwood add visual depth to numerous stretches of sand around the island, as do palm trees, and many beaches are backed by lush hills. Beach activities of choice include sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling.

The Colombian coastal city of Santa Marta serves as the main jump off point for trips to Tayrona National Park. Only some 20 miles separates the two destinations. Once at the park, visitors will find that the infrastructure is rather underdeveloped. That being said, those who wish to stay overnight can choose from comfortable bungalows and cabins. Simpler huts are also available, as are campsites. Lodging for the busy tourist seasons tends to get claimed well in advance, so booking ahead is recommended. The busy tourist seasons are the December through February period and Easter.

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