Amazon Bird Watching

Amazon bird watching is something nature enthusiasts won’t want to miss during a trip to Ecuador. As one of the most biologically diverse countries on the planet, Ecuador has an incredible range of wildlife, especially birds, and the Galapagos Islands are particularly well-known. Tour companies or individual tour guides can help you to discover the birds of the Amazon, from the most delicate hummingbirds to colorful toucans to owls to rare species.

Many visitors are surprised at the sheer size of Ecuador’s national parks and reserves, which are home to hundreds of species of birds. In fact, Ecuador claims to have the highest concentration on the planet of bird species. If you want to plan a trip that combines some relaxing time on the beach with a cultural education, an adventurous trip with plenty of history, than Ecuador is the perfect destination.

There are many ways to plan Amazon bird watching during your trip. For an introduction to bird watching, look for tour companies that offer short excursions of a few hours. For the serious bird watcher, there are tour companies that offer multi-day itineraries, complete with overnight stays in eco-lodges or even camping. This type of tour will not only deliver seeing birds of the Amazon, but you will also be exposed to the incredible scenery that Ecuador has been famous for.

From volcanoes to the rainforest to crater lakes to rivers that wind through the jungle, you will see a wide variety of nature during your bird watching tour as well. Whether you choose a bird watching tour that explores the Galapagos Islands or you stick to the Amazon, you are sure to be pleasantly shocked by the rare species you encounter during your excursion.

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