Amazon Jungle Boardwalk

The Amazon jungle boardwalk is a great place to visit if you’re dreaming of trekking through the Amazon rain forest. It’s possible to sign up for a tour during your trip to Ecuador, and these wooden boardwalks allow access to many parts of the jungle you couldn’t see otherwise, and will expose you to rare flora and fauna including orchids and monkeys. An Amazon rain forest tour will reveal details about this scenery that you couldn’t discover on your own.

While many people begin their trip to Ecuador in the capital city of Quito, they often find themselves drawn to the area of the country east of the Andes Mountains, where the rain forest is located. Visitors can choose between day tours, river tours, tours specializing in photography and bird watching, or multi-day trips that take adventure of overnight lodges.

Ecuador is known as a great destination for adventure travelers, but less-adventurous travelers are often relieved at the sight of the Amazon jungle boardwalk, which help make this destination accessible for more people. While these tours are still best for travelers with a bit of hiking experience, the boardwalk also makes the tour that much more safe.

Many visitors don’t realize that the benefit is mutual as well. Besides the boardwalk being safe for visitors, the existence of the boardwalk also means that a great number of tours don’t negatively effect the natural environment. Taking advantage of the boardwalks means that an Amazon rain forest tour has a limited impact on the protected national parks and reserves of Ecuador. Take your Amazon tour a step further by signing up for a night tour, a canoe ride, or a rare orchid hunt. Whatever aspect of the Amazon you’re interested in, you will be able to find the perfect tour guide to illuminate that part of the rain forest.

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