Amazon River Tours

Amazon river tours and rafting trips are among the great outdoor opportunities during trips to Ecuador. If you want to gain a different perspective on the Amazon rain forest, try from the seat of a canoe. Gliding through the steamy rain forest on the water is popular with nature enthusiasts who want to see monkeys, rare birds, and orchids. Canoeing in the Amazon is also just as popular with adventurous travelers who are looking for another high-energy activity to add to their list of things to do in Ecuador.

In addition, some local guides would argue that canoe is the best way to explore the rain forest. Tours on foot have their challenges and there are always places that you won’t have access to, but all of this changes on a canoe. The quiet nature of the canoe also serves its purpose because it doesn’t disturb the wildlife. You will see more, hear more, and experience more from the seat of a canoe than you ever thought possible.

Many Amazon river tours are able to be customized, whether you want to plan a private day tour or commit to a week excursion into the rain forest. For the complete adventurous experience, there are tour guides that specialize in lengthy tours deep into the rain forest that cover rivers, lakes, and flooded forests. Nights are spent at lodges and cabins and during this down time you will get a chance to learn about local culture through your guide.

If committing to this lengthy trip doesn’t sound like what you had in mind, there are short tours for canoeing in the Amazon as well. Whether you want to head out in the canoe for half an hour or half a day, you will see much more from a canoe than you will on foot. This calm, relaxing way of exploring the rain forest might just open your eyes to a whole new type of ecotourism.

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