La Selva Lodge

The La Selva Lodge is an eco lodge in Ecuador that is the perfect answer if you’re looking to truly get away from it all. This Amazon jungle lodge has been welcoming visitors since 1986 and specializes in exposing visitors to the wonders of this rain forest. Offering much more than simply accommodation, La Selva (whose name means “the jungle” in English) brings together an eco-friendly lodge with a starting point for tours into the Amazon.

Local guides are all naturalists and wildlife enthusiasts who will help to illuminate every tiny thing you see during a river tour, hike, or bird watching excursion in the rain forest. Beyond the incredible location, La Selva Lodge is attractive for the packages it offers. There is great value for honeymooners, baby boomers, families, and more. Your journey to La Selva will begin the minute you arrive at the airport. Staff will meet you at the airport and escort you to the lodge.

Many guests of are pleasantly surprised by the comforts and amenities that this eco lodge offers. Comfortable beds, fluffy towels, mosquito nets, and appealing food will impress visitors who are expecting a standard eco-lodge. Despite these comfortable amenities, the seventeen cabanas of this Amazon jungle lodge have a rustic, native design. In other words, they feel like they belong in the depths of the Amazon jungle. Private bathrooms where you can take a hot shower, fans, and hammocks will all make unwinding at the end of a long day spent hiking or canoeing an inevitable part of your trip.

The only difficult decision visitors will have is choosing between excursions and activities. Jungle hikes, night excursions, canoeing, and bird watching will all be appealing options. A friendly staff, incredible location, and eco-sensitivity all make this lodge truly one in a million.



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