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Amazon lodges Ecuador are more common than you might imagine. Although most people think that a visit to the Amazon Jungle means a visit to Brazil, east of the Andean highlands Ecuador becomes part of this major ecological wilderness. In fact a visit to the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin - or El Oriente ("the East") as it is known locally - offers visitors with a superb opportunity to see how indigenous Indian tribes still cohabitate with their environment today. Add to this the fact that approximately one-third of the total diversity of the Amazon Jungle can be found in El Oreinte, and a trip to this part of Ecuador should be high on your list of "things to do and see".

The following (in alphabetical order) are some Amazon lodges that will help to make your stay in the Amazon Jungle more enjoyable:

* Cabanas San Isidro - located on the eastern slope of the Andes, Cabanas San Isidro is widely regarded as being the best Amazon lodge to stay at if you want to do some bird-watching. This ideal Amazon Ecuador lodge has the almost unique claim to over 300 different bird species. As you can imagine, with such a wide diversity of birds comes an array of different fauna and vegetation that really is a feast for the eyes of any lover of bird-watching.

* Casa del Suizo - with its superb panoramic view of the Napo River, this resort is considered to be the best Amazon lodge to stay at if you have never visited this region previously. Notwithstanding this, the first class accommodation here makes Casa del Suizo a poplar choice for all visitors contemplating a stay at an Amazon Ecuador lodge.

* Grand Cuyabeno Lake Lodge - this superb Amazon lodge is located in over 600,000 hectares of pristine Amazon Jungle rainforest! Grand Cuyabeno offers an incredibly diverse selection of Neotropical wildlife; including river dolphins, caiman, capybaras, monkeys and even anacondas! All of the superb sights and activities that make up Grand Cuyabeno also make Grand Cuyabeno one of the finest Amazon Ecuador lodges available to stay at.

* Jatun Sacha - located right in the middle of some of the Amazon Jungle's most pristine vegetation, Jatun Sacha is a popular Amazon Ecuador lodge for research students who can take advantage of the three research facilities provided by the Ecuadorian Conservation and Research Foundation. Note, however, that due to the popularity of the services provided to research students here, advance reservation will be required should you wish to stay here.

*La Selva Jungle Lodge - located at high altitude, on Ecuador's Lake Garzacocha, this superb Amazon Ecuador lodge offers the ultimate in luxury jungle adventures. With cabins surrounding by huge jungle forestation, La Selva Jungle Lodge offers travelers an exceptionally diverse choice of animal and bird life to explore. The lodge also provides guests with the chance to select their own itinerary of things to do whilst here. Popular activities undertaken include the chance to swim in the lagoons and lakes that make up Lake Garzacocha and its surroundings; fishing for local piranha; hiking and trekking the surrounding jungle; or simple taking in all the surrounding noises and views as you unwind in your hammock! For those looking for a bit of an adventure holiday, La Selva Jungle Lodge also offers guests the chance to do some canoeing in the local waters and tributaries.

* Sacha Lodge - located not too far away from La Selva, Sacha Lodge offers guests the chance to stay in comfortable cabins deep in the Amazon Jungle. Sacha Lodge is well-know locally for the chance to do some bird-watching and the guides who work at Sacha Lodge are well regarded as being some of the best working in the Amazon Jungle. Among its many ecotourism packages, Sacha Lodge also offers guests the chance to visit its butterfly farm and nursery - making Sacha Lodge a premium eco-tourist destination.

* Selva Life Without Frontiers Foundation - an eco-lodge and tour run in order to support their ongoing Amazon environmental programs, this superb Amazon lodge provides easy access to the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. The wonderful factor of choosing to stay at Selva Life Without Frontiers Foundation is the knowledge that every dollar you spend goes to help sustain development projects in the Amazon Jungle and all over Ecuador!

* Yachana Lodge - is located 2 hours from Misahualli, near the Amazon Indian town of Mondana. Yachana Lodge, like Casa del Suizo, is seen as being an ideal Amazon Ecuador lodge to stay at if this is your first visit to the Amazon Jungle. Offering comfortable cabins, and nestled on the banks of the Napo River, Yachana Lodge is 3,000 acres of reservation land. Activities that guests can entertain themselves with whilst staying at this Amazon lodge include swimming in crystal clear waterfalls; kayaking; trekking; hiking; bird-watching; or hunting for some of the tropical, exotic, jungle frogs that can be found in this part of the Amazon Jungle.

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