Amazon Observation Towers

Amazon observation towers are the way to see the best views of this part of Ecuador. There are many ways to experience the Amazon rain forest, but the towers are one of the most popular options—travelers can get out of the rivers and off the boardwalks for a bird’s eye view of the incredible jungle. From this height, you are sure to see rare birds, monkeys, wildlife, and diverse flora.

One of the most popular towers in the country is the Sacha Lodge Tower. This luxurious lodge provides comfortable cabins, fine cuisine, and nightly entertainment. The views from Sacha Lodge’s 940-foot suspension bridge are so spectacular, that many international travelers plan a vacation to Ecuador just for this single view. If you’re planning a trip to the Amazon rain forest, it is time to do some research on Sacha Lodge.

There are over 600 species of birds to be seen in this jungle, and Amazon observation towers makes it more likely to see them. Sacha Lodge has two towers: the wooden Kapok Tower, which is 135 feet high, and the newer Kanopy Walkway, which is 94 feet. Journalists have placed the Sacha Lodge tower on lists such as “1000 things to do before you die” it offers such a fantastic perspective on the Amazon below.

The view becomes even more special because of everything you will do to reach this point. A flight, riverboat ride, hike, and canoe ride are all essential to reach Sacha Lodge. From the moment you arrive, your incredible jungle experience will begin. Hiking tours and bird watching excursions will be wonderful, but the cherry on top is sure to be the view from Amazon observation towers. This is truly something every travel enthusiast should see in their lifetime.

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