Ballenita Ecuador

Ballenita Ecuador is one of the best outdoor attractions in Ecuador. Along with the Amazon Rainforest and incredible volcanoes, beaches are a great draw to this South American destination, and the coastline is full of beach options with their own character—all you have to do is find the location that matches your desires.

Ballenita is one of these beaches, a beach that is perfect for nature enthusiasts. While other beaches might over excellent water sports, or an especially serene environment, the Ballenita beach offers great opportunities for bird watching and whale watching. Here it is possible to set out on a whale watching tour that will fulfill your dreams of encountering these amazing animals in their natural environment. To top it off, you will also find a museum here devoted to marine life.

The museum at Ballenita beach is called Farallon Dillon Museum, and features antique marine artifacts. Many of the items are for sale, so if you plan a visit to Ballenita Ecuador, you could also return home with some one-of-a-kind souvenirs. Accommodation choices in Ballenita include vacation rentals, hostels, and small hotels. Similar to other hotels across Ecuador, the prices are very reasonable and often include breakfast. The popular beach resort of Salinas is also close by.

A trip to Ballenita is all about slowing down your pace. Enjoy a long lunch at one of the many charming cafes, and maybe even take a surf lesson. Sunbathing, swimming, and surfing are all popular pastimes here. If you’re looking for a place in Ecuador to relax for a few days, Ballenita will be a tempting option.



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